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Black Manta Identifies Leading Players, while STM Highlights Tokenized Real Estate – Digital Securities Weekly




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The digital securities sector remains nascent, but moving rapidly.  A variety of companies were highlighted in recent days as the top players within the industry.  The following is a look at who was noted, and how tokenized real estate has fared as of late.

50 Leading Players

In a joint effort between Black Manta Capital Partners, and the ABC Research, the pair recently identified and categorized the top players within the digital securities sector.  Dubbed ‘The Tokenization 50’, this work was displayed in the following graphic.

Source: Black Manta & ABC Research

It was noted that the 50 companies displayed above were filtered down through a combination of ‘market leader input, and quantitative research’.

Of these ‘Top 50’, some of the most active and well-known names are Securitize & INX (America), Black Manta & STOKR (Europe), along with MERJ and DBS (Asia).  It is not surprising to see these name included on the list, as each have been highlighted on various occasions here at

Unicorn in the Making

As indicated above, Securitize has been noted by many as one of the most promising companies involved with digital securities.  This recognition extends even further, as Securitize was recently identified by GlobalData as a top candidate to next achieve the status of ‘Unicorn’.

For those unaware, a ‘Unicorn’ is a privately held business which has managed to achieve a valuation in excess of $1 billion USD.

Upon identifying Securitize as a ‘unicorn’ candidate (among others), Apoorva Bajaj, Practice Head of Financial Markets at GlobalData, shared his enthusiasm towards FinTech moving forward.

“So far, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are experiencing a good year with significant increase in VC funding for blockchain startups; strong demand for cryptocurrencies by consumers (Gen-Z and Millennials) and institutions (major investment banks). It will be interesting to see how blockchain adoption continues to accelerate and disrupt not only the financial services industry or crypto market, but also other industries.”

While Securitize may soon find itself boasting the status of ‘unicorn’, it will not be the first company involved in FinTech to do so.  Over the past year, we have highlighted multiple other instances of this, including companies such as WealthSimple, Revolut, Amount, and Robinhood.

Security Token Market (STM) Real Estate Report

With the speed at which digital assets move, it can be hard to keep tabs on the performance of so many promising ventures.  For those interested in tokenized real estate, Security Token Market makes this easy through monthly reports, highlighting marketcaps and top performers from the preceding weeks.  The following are two key figures from its most recently release report, which looked tokenized real estate in particular throughout the month of July.

MarketCapTrading Volume

Unfortunately, the figures from July indicated a down month overall.  Not only was trading volume down significantly, but the overall marketcap took a hearty hit as well.

Interestingly, while large scale commercial investments such as the St. Regis Aspen Resort saw its token value drop, tokenized real estate based on residential properties bucked the trend, boasting promising returns ranging from 11.74% – 30.62%.

Despite these humbling figures, analysts still expect for the digital securities market to explode in popularity in the coming years, with a marketcap expected to be in the trillions.

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