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BCAP Listed on OSL as Digital Securities Grow in Popularity





In a piece of positive news for digital securities, Blockchain Capital has seen its BCAP tokens listed on another secondary marketplace – OSL Digital Securities.

Based out of Hong Kong, OSL Digital Securities notably boasts a few key perks.  Not only does the exchange utilize insured custodial solutions, it is licensed with the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

The exchange notes that for the time being, access to its services are restricted to investors residing outside of the United States.

Secondary Markets

For digital securities to realize their full potential, attaining adequate levels of liquidity is crucial.  A major step towards achieving this, is through the maturation of secondary markets.  The following are a few of the active platforms which are working to expand the sector.

  • OSL Digital Securities
  • OpenFinance
  • tZERO
  • MERJ

The necessity of secondary markets was recently highlighted at the 2021 Security Token Summit by Anthony Woolley, Head of Business Development at Ownera.  He noted that for the sector to ‘take-off’ not only will clear regulations be needed, but so will a robust stable of secondary markets to meet growing demand.  Blockchain Capital finding its BCAP tokens listed on OSL is a perfect example of this necessity being met.

High Expectations

News of its listing on OSL only adds to the high expectations of BCAP.  In its most recently quarterly report, the fund boasted a rise of over 2,288%.

This growth was attained through a fund strategically structured around companies developing crucial infrastructure for digital assets.  The following are a few examples of companies found in its portfolio.

Each of these companies have experienced impressive growth over past months, helping BCAP tokens attain a net-asset-value (NAV) of $23.83 as recently as March 31st.

Future Growth

Beyond solely BCAP, the entire digital securities sector appears poised for prime time.  In a recent analysis of the sector by Plutoneo and Tangany, it was found that by 2026 digital securities are anticipated to overtake cryptocurrencies by volume.  If this scenario comes to fruition, it would mean that digital assets as a whole will boast as marketcap of over $2 billion USD.  Leading the way globally, would be Europe.

Concluding its report, Plutoneo and Tangany stated,

“The overall market of digital assets will keep growing at a swift pace. While the market currently consists almost exclusively of crypto currencies in terms of market capitalization, the area of security tokens will grow strongly in the coming years.”