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Axie Infinity Product Lead Addresses the Recent Negative Press About Axie



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Axie Infinity, the leading metaverse game built on blockchain technology, recently published an article in which he noted that Axie has been receiving negative press and a lot of criticisms, and he believes that this comes from the lack of understanding of the project’s situation. So, he decided to address the situation and share Axie’s side of the story in an attempt to shed more light on what the project itself has been going through.

Addressing the criticism

The Axie executive started by saying that there have been quite a few negative pieces concerning Axie, which is understandable, given that the project suffered from the bear market, just like the rest of the industry. During such periods, these articles are expected, although there might have been a bit too many of them, given the fact that the project is thriving internally.

In fact, La noted that the energy within is more lively than ever and that the project is actually hiring right now. Unfortunately for Axie, the project was pushed into the bear market very quickly after being born and becoming known to the world, but that is not stopping its devs from doing their jobs. In fact, the bear market allows them to focus on development and not worry about other aspects.

He then summarized several key points of his article, noting that the negative press is painting a very incomplete picture of the project’s game. The media is attempting to deconstruct the game and the ecosystem while the project is still in the middle of shifting from Axie Infinity Classic to Origin. On top of that, the game is still in the early access soft launch phase for Origin, so there is a lot more to do, and the game as it is right now is not ready for drawing conclusions.

Furthermore, he noted that Sky Mavis is very aware of the economic imbalances, which is actually something that Origin is meant to address and allow the Axie Infinity model to evolve and not have to be player growth-dependent.

What other changes are coming to Axie?

The project is moving from Play-To-Earn to Play-And-Earn narrative, and it is prepared for the fact that this might not sit well with some players, and that it may cause them to leave. However, Axie feels confident that core believers will remain and continue to support the project as they did so far. As for the future, Axie will introduce many more ways to grow and strengthen the core base.

Moving on, La pointed out that Sky Mavis itself, as a company, is thriving right now. It has been around for 10 years, its employee count is at 150, and they are still looking to hire more people. The project is now planning to focus on obtaining the distribution of Axie Infinity Origin into the app stores, which will start immediately after launch.

There will be changes to Land, different experiences for Landowners and non-Land owner players, and as for any criticisms of the project’s Builders Program, La noted that it was never meant for large, professional game studios. It was meant for the community with the idea of allowing individual members to show their creativity and passion. Large game studios will have a separate product, which will fit their needs much better.

In other words, La believes that the criticism, while expected, is unjustified, as there is a lot happening at Axie right now, and all of it is extremely beneficial for the project and its future.

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