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Axie Infinity Offers Some July Development Highlights in a Recent Update



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Axie Infinity

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Axie Infinity is the biggest metaverse game in the sector, and it managed to reach that position by offering an advanced, interesting game with a lot of options and features. Still, the project continues to build its Axie nation, and also improve its technology, game, security, and more.

Recently, it decided to put together a string of recent victories that are expected to help the project in future development and growth, packing it all into its July 2022 development update.

Axie Infinity development summary: What is new?

Axie released a development update on its website, offering a brief summary of some of the work that has been occurring throughout Lunacia. The first thing that the project pointed out is the Origin and Land development, which are progressing nicely and gaining momentum. The post also noted that the community members have been key sources regarding the input for both products.

Next, the project also noted that the Axies that the players own are becoming tickets to an infinite realm of experiences. This is possible thanks to Axie Builder's program and user-generated content initiatives. In addition to that, the project also noted that it is making a massive investment toward community partnerships, and it aims to expand the Sky Mavis team.

Finally, Axie Infinity addressed the Ronin Bridge, Land staking, Origin updates, Community Partnerships, and the upcoming AxieCon, all of which are being put together as a string of major victories for the project.

Axie Infinity’s victories to come

AxieCon will be the largest of the events, with 3 separate tournaments taking place in late July and early August. The project has set aside $1 million for rewards of the contests, with the first one carrying $500,000 in rewards, the second one $400,000, and the third one $100,000.

However, while arguably the biggest, it is not the only important development for the project. Right now, Axie’s team is focusing on finishing up the development of Origin, currently in the focus on searching for bugs and fixing vulnerabilities and flaws. It noted that all hands are on deck for the Origin launch, which recently entered Phase 2, and is rapidly progressing towards a global release.

Next, there is Land, with Axie being determined to launch it by the end of 2022. With the deadline approaching, the Land team has been working hard, and their major focus has been on the Idle Combat system, which will allow players to sell crafted items to NPCs, who will then use those items to go out into the world and battle enemies. Other than that, the team has also worked on implementing social functions, like Friends, Chat, and alike, to allow players to meet new people, form communities, and enjoy the social setting.

There is a lot more work regarding a lot more aspects of the large and complex Axie Infinity ecosystem, and the project’s team is working on all of it, which will likely allow them to remain in the lead as the biggest metaverse game out there.

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