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An Update on Audius (AUDIO) – What’s New?



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It's been an exciting year for blockchain-based music-sharing Dapp Audius. The platform has had some major upgrades and hit some noteworthy milestones recently. Here's a look into the most recent upgrades made by one of the top blockchain social music platforms in operation today.

Community Governance

One of the biggest changes to the system was the full integration of a community governance system. Community governance systems enable users to participate in the future direction of a platform's development. 

Audius users can stake their AUDIUS tokens to gain access to voting rights. They can also put forth potential upgrades via proposals. These proposals are what the community votes on. Notably, approved proposals gain access to the community funding pool. 

Source - Audius Homepage

Source – Audius Homepage

This style of community governance has been popular in the DeFi market for many reasons. It helps to prevent hard forks as the community can openly voice concerns before they become major issues. 

Tipping Added

Another cool addition to the Audios platform is the tipping feature. This option enables fans and artists to connect in a new way. The Tipping features improve the monetization options given to artists which helps to drive adoption. They can use this tool to connect with fans and followers in new ways. 

The new feature enables users to send tips to their favorite artists. The top tippers receive a badge that states they are the top supporters. Top supporters are eligible for exclusive rewards and prizes such as personalized messages and exclusive unreleased content. 

Personalized Messages

Artists can repay the favor by sending a personalized message to their fans. Top followers can look forward to special messages and more. Notably, this feature adds a lot to the ecosystem because it provides a direct way for fans and artists to interact safely and securely. 

Tipping features help the community as well because they add more usability and demand for the network's utility token AUDIUS. The token now serves multiple roles throughout the Audius ecosystem. 

Audius React Native Migration

Another major improvement to the Audius ecosystem is the react native migration. When Audius launched it was easier to create a web view application. This strategy made sense at the time as the cryptocurrency market and Web3 options were more limited. 

The react native migration improves the performance of the platform by converting it from a web view to a web app. This decision helped to smooth out rough transitions and animations in the original platform. 

The developers used a multi-stage approach to migrate the network. The merger was completed when the Audius web client and the Audius mobile app combined repositories which improved performance and added new stability.  

React Native Mobile Application

The WebView-based Audius platform got another major upgrade to a mobile version. This upgrade was necessary for the network to introduce a slew of new features that it had promised users earlier in the year. The upgrade specifically improved the mobile user experience. 

The developers had noticed that the mobile version of the web client wasn't as responsive as they desired. The upgraded native mobile application is formatted to meet the needs of mobile users. The upgrade streamlined the processes and improved the stability of the Dapp.  

Mobile Upload Available

The React Native Mobile Application integration enabled the network to introduce mobile uploads to the platform. This upgrade was rolled out to the Dapp via the App Store and Google Play. Users can now upload their favorite tracks directly from any smartphone.

The new feature makes it easier to get your music heard by thousands. The developers even upgraded the sidebar to make the process easier. The feature is unique in that you can now upload directly from major software applications including Ableton Note, FL Studio Mobile, GarageBand, and more.

Audius Double Audit

Audius proved its commitment to its followers after choosing to conduct a secondary audit Following the community governance upgrade. The developers felt it was wise to conduct a full Solana smart contract edit. To accomplish this task they hired the renowned auditing firm, Zellic.

Zellic conducted the audit and was able to locate a critical vulnerability which was quickly patched. The upgraded fix was uploaded in less than five hours following the discovery. The developers shared the info with the community and also introduced a bug bounty at

Audius Adds AI Music Attribution

AI Music Attribution is a term that continues to surface in the mainstream. This term refers to giving credit to the artist from whom AI-created art is inspired. The AI revolution is changing the music industry forever. Nowadays, a person can ask an AI to create an inspired song and within minutes they have results. 

AI-generated music is great for listeners as it expands the horizons of music to new heights. The rise of free AI tools such as ChatGPT has made it possible for anyone to create one of these tracks. AI-generated music enables you to put your favorite artist's voice on any lyrics you desire. It can also be used to create immersive new instrumentals in the format of famous producers. 

AI Changes Everything

All of this open access to such powerful AI tools has left the market a bit unprepared. The sudden flood of AI-generated music continues to reshape the sector. All of this growth has added excitement to the industry. However, it's necessary to ensure that artists whose styles have inspired these creations get some sort of credit. 

The new feature enables artists to opt-in to be AI artist-attributed. This option means that your name will drop down when artists seek to give credit for their AI creations. On the other end of the spectrum, AI music creators can tag those that helped them to guide their vision.

Audius Continues to Pioneer the Blockchain Music Revolution

Audius remains a pioneering force in the blockchain music revolution due to its many added features and services. The platform continues to drive adoption through innovation and increased usability. As such, you can expect the platform to continue to expand.

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