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Audius Launches a Reddit-Exclusive Visual Production Contest



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Audius (AUDIO), a decentralized music streaming protocol currently running on Solana, recently announced another Reddit-exclusive content that has already made its community quite excited. The project noted that, after the success of the first such contest a while back, it is more than happy to organize a second round for its creative community.

As mentioned, the contest will take place on Reddit, on the r/audius subreddit. Community members wishing to participate will have to join the sub and upload a video of them “creating music in some way, shape, or form” for a chance to win. According to the promotional poster, the reward for the winner of the contest will be $500.

The project explained the situation in greater detail on the subreddit, where it announced that it is back with the second Visual Production Contest. The grand prize can be won by anyone who posts a video of their production, singing, performance, and alike. The content needs to be posted on the sub itself, so joining the subreddit is a must, and participants need to use the Visual flair.

Next, those who have the song uploaded to Audius can simply drop the link in the comments of their post. Other than that, users are free to sit back, relax, check out other entries and enjoy other unique content that participants are posting. Meanwhile, Audius Community Managers will pick their favorite contributions, which will be judged by a number of aspects, such as creativity, quality, originality, and engagement.

The rules of the competition

In terms of rules, there are only two. The content doesn’t have to be fresh — it will still be allowed if it was previously posted to platforms like Instagram or Tiktok, so being exclusive is not a requirement. However, it must be original, and it must be uploaded directly to r/audius subreddit. Participants cannot simply post a link to the song on TikTok or some other platform, as these entries will not be included in the competition.

As for the second rule, each entry must contain a visual element. It can be performing, producing, or something of the sort. Note that this doesn’t mean that the participants have to show their face, but audio files alone are not enough.

Other than that, anything goes. The contest has started, and it will end on October 16th, at 11.59 PM PDT.

As mentioned, this will be the second contest of this kind that Audius has organized. The first one took place earlier this year, and it was concluded in mid-May 2022. Back then, the project selected two winners, although it noted that selecting winning entries was very hard, and it gave a special shout-out to other entries and contestants, as so many great videos were posted. Now, all those who didn’t participate or those who participated and didn’t win have a chance to test their creativity and skill again.

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