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Wave Financial to Launch 2nd Iteration of Popular ‘Kentucky Whiskey Fund’

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Wave Financial has recently announced the pending launch of another ‘Kentucky Whiskey Fund’ for 2021.

This fund looks to build on the success of its 1st iteration, which saw Wave Financial demonstrate a viable and intriguing use-case for digital securities, and spirits alike.

Round Two

Wave Financial indicates that for its 2nd iteration of its Whiskey/Bourbon fund, it will be partnering once again with Wilderness Trail Distillery.  Based out of Danville, Kentucky, this distillery specializes in creating boutique, high-end spirits.

The fund, which is expected to launch in the coming weeks hopes to entice investors on the back of an impressive investment track record surrounding Whiskey/Bourbon.  Wave notes that these spirits can typically provide a 20% return through its fund over a 5-year span, with a strong resilience to ‘economic downturns’

Much like its first fund of this kind, the process is a simple one.

  1. Buy limited run Whiskey/Bourbon from Wilderness Trail Distillery
  2. Sell tokenized shares of its fund to eligible investors
  3. Age product at production site for a multi-year period
  4. Sell product on secondary markets after a satisfactory increase in value

For those that take part in the fund, a minimum $100,000 USD investment is needed.

Click here to learn more about this ‘Real Asset Fund'


In order to make this fund possible, Wave Financial has partnered with various other companies.  While Wilderness Trail Distillery will be providing the underlying asset, it is NEM that will be providing the infrastructure needed to create and issue digital securities – a process expected to make use of its potential-laden platform, Symbol.

Symbol from NEM – Brand Introduction

Founded on Success

The decision to host a second round of its Kentucky Whiskey Fund is no doubt founded on the success of its first.  This investment product has allowed Wave Financial to achieve two major accomplishments over the past year.

  1. Win ‘Best in Class’ for Asset-backed tokens at the Tokenized Assets & Digitized Securities Awards (TADS)
  2. Breach $500 million USD in assets under management

Les Borsai, Chief Strategist and Cofounder of Wave Financial, recently commented on these achievements, stating,

“Wave is one of the only cryptocurrency-focused registered investment advisors serving high-net-worth clients and institutions seeking individually tailored wealth management strategies – we believe this has been a major contributor to hitting our AUM milestone…Wave is attracting investors from around the globe looking for crypto asset exposure…Our ability to provide ‘white-glove' service, secure custody, and timely reporting to our clients is a primary growth driver in this space.”

For those interesting in learning more about this novel fund, make sure to check out Wave Financial’s upcoming ‘ask-me-anything’ with its Managing Partner and President, Benjamin Tsai.