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Velocity Ledger to Utilize Security Suite through HCL Cyber Group

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Eyeing the future launch of their token issuance platform, and digital asset exchange, Velocity Ledger has recently sought out, and decided on, a security services providers. To meet their diverse set of security needs, Velocity Ledger has turned to HLC Cyber Group and their subsidiary, Helical.

HLC Cyber Group will provide a variety of services including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Exchange level cybersecurity compliance of digital assets
  • Automated investor verification
  • Reporting tools
  • Assessment, protection, and remediation of information

HLC Cyber Group has developed their suite of services through years of serving a variety of industries, including regulated financial sectors.


In making their announcement, representatives from each, Velocity Ledger and HLC, took the time to comment. The following is what each had to say on the matter.

Julian Jacobson, COO of Velocity Ledger, stated,

“Our regulators and clients expect us to implement information security best practices. The HLC Cyber Group provides a unique blend of exchange-level cybersecurity compliance, digital asset, and practical information security experience. Their Helical Dashboard has powerful capabilities that simplify automated verification of our security policies across physical and virtual devices, provide actionable intelligence respecting our information security program, and enable robust reporting.”

Anant Naganathan, Executive Director of HLC Cyber Group, stated,

“We are looking forward to building our partnership with Velocity Ledger, a leader in the digital asset issuance and trading space. Their commitment to investor and issuer protection extends to ensuring the security of their subscribers and we are excited that they have chosen us to advance that commitment.”

Busy Bees

The announcement discussed here today comes on the back of another, recently made by Velocity Ledger. Only weeks ago, Velocity released their testnet of their digital securities platform. This product will allow for, not only the issuance, but trading and settlement of digital securities.

At the time of release, Julian Jacobson, COO of Velocity Ledger, commented, “The Velocity Ledger Technology stack utilizes core components for matching developed by Fundamental Interactions over seven years and deployed globally by exchange operators and alternative trading systems…Issued tokens can trade and then settle on the public network.”

Velocity Ledger

Velocity Ledger is a Hamilton, Bermuda based company, which was founded in 2017. This young company specializes in blockchain services surrounding the digital securities sector.

Company operations are overseen by CEO, Shawn Sloves.

HLC Cyber Group

HLC Cyber Group and its subsidiary, Helical, are New Jersey based companies, serving a variety of U.S based clients. Helical states their company mission as being ‘To harden and simplify enterprise security through streamlined workflows, adaptable integrations’.

Company operations are overseen by Founder, and President, Eric Hess.

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