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VALK and SECUROSYS Partner on CORDA Blockchain

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This month, the blockchain infrastructure provider, VALK announced a strategic partnership with SECUROSYS. The collaboration brings unlisted assets to the Corda blockchain. Now, VALK is ready to provide enterprise-level tokenization to the market. The news demonstrates a maturing of the Corda blockchain, as well as, a more competitive security token arena.

VALK's latest project represents a major milestone within the blockchain sector. For one, it represents the first end-to-end enterprise-grade solution for token issuance on the Corda blockchain. Additionally, it means that both the Swiss and UK markets will now have access to the advanced features the Corda blockchain enables.


VALK provides firms with a complete infrastructure solution via its token issuance platform. Users gain a host of benefits when they sign on to VALK. For example, the platform provides instant on-chain settlements. Also, the firm provides investing & trading in a secure and compliant environment. On top of these features, VALK users gain extra interoperability and connectivity with the world’s largest banking DLT system.

VALK via Homepage

VALK via Homepage


In order to ensure that users obtain the highest levels of protection, the firm decided to utilize SECUROSYS. For its part, SECUROSYS provided access to its proprietary Hardware Security Modules (HSM). Speaking on the partnership, Robert Rogenmoser, CEO of SECUROSYS described how Web 3.0 increases the demand to protect digital identities and assets.

Additionally, Rogenmoser touted the firm's system as “tried and tested.” He explained how Primus HSM is an essential addition to the VALK's ecosystem. Lastly, he spoke about the capabilities of the new platform.

Rogenmoser wasn't the only company executive to discuss the monumental accomplishment. VALK's founders Antoine Loth and Elie Azzi described the atmosphere surrounding the merger. The executives stated that they are “delighted” to work with SECUROSYS on this new top-class solution for issuers. Lastly, they explained that the new platform will serve those in the industry that handle the issuing, financing, and trading of private equity, funds, infrastructure, and real estate world assets.


VALK first made headlines as a tokenization firm that specializes in unlisted company shares. Today, the firm offers white-label solutions built on the Corda blockchain. Importantly, the VALK system automates many of the most important tasks undertaken by fund managers, asset managers, and investment banks. In this manner, the platform reduces costs and increases efficiency and security across the board.

All-Star Team

The decision by VALK to utilize SECURYSYS was a wise one. Importantly, both firms have been bestowed with the Swiss Fintech Awards for 2020. Additionally, VALK received a host of other honors including acceptance into the F10 accelerator in Zurich. Now, these firms prepare to up-end the entire EU securities sector with their next-generation tokenization systems.

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