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Top 10 Crypto TikTok Influencers to Follow



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The social media market rarely sees new competitors enter with the success and momentum of TikTok. This short-form video platform has become one of the premier options available today. As such, more people have turned to it to find helpful crypto info. Here are the top 10 crypto TikTok influencers to follow, in no particular order.

Meteoric Rise

TikTok's rise to fame has been astonishing. The platform managed to secure +1B users in under 6 years. Notably, TikTok is the most popular social media platform among the youth. A recent study found that as much as 63% of Gen Z use TikTok daily.

Crypto TikTok is on the rise alongside the platform. Today, millions of people turn to TikTok to find the latest news, informative posts, educational guides, market analysis, and more. Plus, the platform provides a free space for anyone to learn and engage with other like-minded individuals. As such, more people are using TikTok to find the best trading tips, learn about new projects, and improve their trading strategies.

Notably, TikTok's short-form video format is more accessible and can help to give you the basics of complex theories without taking up too much time. Additionally, these stories are perfect for sharing because they pack a lot of helpful info into seconds. This style of video format has been so successful that other platforms, such as YouTube, have copied the format.

Choosing the Right Crypto TikTok Influencer

There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding the right crypto influencer. The best option is to locate a channel that offers reliable and timely content. There are lots of educational options to review. However, the best channels will come from a relatable perspective and help you grasp blockchain concepts through their delivery.

1. CryptoMasun

CryptoMasun is one of the most followed crypto TikTok channels at this time. The channel has over 1.2M followers and 17M likes. You can find helpful data on the market and lots of educational content to improve your trading and overall experience in the sector. Notably, CryptoMasun will often discuss new projects and popular altcoins.

Source - TikTok - Top 10 Crypto TikTok

Source – TikTok

You can gain valuable insight following Cryptomasun. He doesn’t shy away from his opinion on new projects and often discusses interesting and timely topics such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) crypto projects. As such, you can learn from his tips and insight on cryptocurrencies, blockchain tech, DeFi (Decentralized Finance), and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Another cool aspect of Cryptomasun's channel is his work-related content. For example, he has videos on how to get hired for web3 positions. This content can help you take your crypto strategy up a notch and become an active contributor to the community.

2. CryptoProjects

When you want the perspective of a whale trader, Cryptoprojects is a great place to start. This altcoin and business-centric channel gives a straightforward analysis of the market and the players that make it tick. Cryptoprojects fulfills its name with glimpses into new tokens and their offerings.

Cryptoprojects have 1.4M followers and 16.5M likes due to their no-nonsense approach. The channel usually focuses on a video per project, all with a similar format. This uniform approach makes the channel familiar and easy to follow.

Cryptoprojects is a great option for those seeking to get in on ERC-20 gems before they gain momentum. The channel is all about unearthing the next unicorn and catching the trends at their start. As such, altcoin traders gain a lot from their time spent here.

3. Layahtrades

Layah Heilpern is a crypto star who is known across multiple social media channels. She hosts a YouTube channel and often interviews some of the biggest and most influential names in the market. Her TikTok provides a glimpse into her fast-paced life and views.

You can find videos geared at newbies such as “Where Bitcoin Comes From” to interviews with some of the pioneers in the market. This wide scope of content makes the channel an excellent place to start and grow. Additionally, Heilpern delivers her content in a professional manner that makes it easier to digest.

Followers gain a unique female perspective of the market as they follow Heilpern on their crypto journey. She often posts about her regular day activities as well, which helps to make the channel more relatable than some of the other all-business options on this list.

4. VirtualBacon

Dennis Liu is a crypto TikTok influencer who has been providing high-quality content for some time now. He is an angel investor and developer who has been a  part of many popular and successful projects to date. As such, you can glimpse what he learned via his channel.

VirtualBacon has a well-formatted delivery for the short-form videos that make TikTok popular. He will often tackle very popular questions such as Ethereum vs Bitcoin. He is a well-recognized crypto educator who has helped thousands learn about cryptocurrencies.

Virtual Bacon also has a website and a newsletter where he details more complex protocols for those seeking more specifics. The newsletter is free to join. He also has a Twitter and Discord channel that enables you to interact directly.

5. TheWolfofBitcoins

The WolfofBitcoins is a mining-focused crypto TikTok that puts you behind the scenes. You can see what it takes to operate a successful mining operation. He will often review new mining products, such as immersion cooling systems and new rigs,

Those interested in mining will find tons of cool videos here. The channel has tours of products and even script mining rig museum tours. You can stay ahead of the new mining trends when you follow TheWolfof Bitcoins.

His Channel has +246.1K followers and +3.8M likes. Recently, the channel has ventured into other interesting tech, which has helped it to gain additional followers and introduce more people to blockchain tech. If you are interested in mining, TheWolfof Bitcoins is worth a follow.

6. Cryptocita

Cryptocita is another lifestyle/tech/crypto channel that has some interesting content worth watching. The channel has a nice mix of content ranging from mining tips to setting up the perfect crypto PC. The content is hosted in a fun manner, which makes it appealing to a younger crowd.

Source - TikTok - Top 10 Crypto TikTok Channels

Source – TikTok

Cryptocita provides you with a lot of great tips. She also mixes in some lifestyle hacks and fitness videos to keep your body as healthy as your crypto wallet. Her videos cover top-priority topics such as the Bitcoin halvings. They also have a fun side, such as her COD love story videos highlighting her gamer side.

For those who want a behind-the-scenes look at a crypto-powered life, Cryptocita will deliver. Her content is approachable and not overly technical. She gives a fresh view of the market from a young tech and entrepreneurial perspective. As such, she has secured +715K followers and +14M likes.

7. CoinBureau

CoinBureau remains a force across all social media platforms. This educational platform produces constant content that has proven to be high quality and reliable. The consistency and accuracy of their offerings have helped the platform secure a massive user base.

The CoinBureau TikTok has +246K followers and 1.2M likes.  You gain access to a treasure trove of helpful data on this channel. These videos are presented in a professional and straightforward format that makes them easy to digest.

CoinBureau does a great job of mixing educational and entertaining videos. For example, you may find a guide on how to read candlestick patterns next to a video on all the coolest stuff you can buy with Bitcoin. This format works for TikTok and helps to keep the channel from feeling too stuffy.

CoinBureau is among the most active on this list, and their videos get a lot of interactions within the community. Notably, CoinBureau now has multiple hosts, making it a little more entertaining as you get a different feel from the other personalities.

8. CryptoWendyO

CryptoWendyO is a crypto influencer who has gained notoriety for her helpful advice and timely content. CryptowendyO posts videos often and will cover top news and events that affect the market. For example, she has multiple videos discussing exchange failures and lawsuits.

Users gain market insight and analysis skills as CryptoWendyO helps guide her followers through the complex nuances of the market. She is always timely with her content which helps to make it more relevant and impactful.

CryptoWendyO has +263k followers and +3.1m likes. Her channel provides a great mix of opinion, news, and market analysis that can help you to improve your ROIs. CryptoWendyO stays focused on cryptocurrencies so you won't find any fitness tips or other life hacks. Consequently, she is a great follow if you want a straightforward educational approach from your influencers.

9. Pollencrypto

Pollen Crypto provides high-quality trading content to the market. The channel has 652K followers and 3.9M likes, thanks to its in-depth approach to all things trading. You can learn how to recognize certain candlestick patterns and other helpful trading tips to improve results in minutes.

Pollencrypto recently released a book that goes into more detail on their strategies and techniques. Their videos will often point out market movements and then reference them in their book to demonstrate how precise these trading signals can appear.

Pollencrypto is helpful in many ways. It shows you the patterns and helps you learn the terminology behind these movements. The channel features very quick videos, so if you're pressed for time, you can snatch up a lot of trading patterns in minutes.


Mona_Vinci is a defi-focused crypto TikTok that has secured 391k followers and +747K likes in a short time. The channel focuses on DeFi and NFT projects. There is a mix of content n ranging from how to find good free mints to recent celebrity NFT purchases.

Mona_Vinci gives you some cool tips on how to not lose money trading NFTs. He gives you tips on how to avoid price pumps and how to better gauge the value of these unique tokens on the platforms that are used most. As such, his information is directly applicable and can help save you funds.

Mona_Vinci has earned a reputation as a reliable crypto TikTok influencer who provides content relevant to the NFT niche. He also discusses rumors and other entertaining developments in the market.  The channel is also a great place to stay updated on how to avoid crypto NFT scams.

Things to Consider

Crypto TikTok is a great place to gather vital data on timely market developments. However, there are some risks that you should consider whenever you leverage social media for learning purposes. For one, any new information should be vetted across multiple sources to ensure its validity.

Additionally, you should also be aware that sponsored content can be hard to spot sometimes. As such, you need always to do your homework to prevent getting caught up in the FOMO and taking unnecessary losses.

Crypto TikTok Influencers Make a Difference

It would be foolish to ignore the growing influence TikTok has in the market. The same can be said for the growing influence crypto TikTok channels have. Thankfully, there are many helpful and well-intended options for users to follow.

The crypto market is constantly changing, and this constant influx of new projects may be best represented via the fast-paced short format provided by TikTok. Consequently, the platform continues to see growing success despite regulatory pushback and other factors limiting growth. As such, the channels on this list may become a vital source of info for your crypto career moving forward.

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