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Top 7 Metaverse NFT Collections Recording High Trading Volumes



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The metaverse is a red-hot topic across the crypto and technological sectors. The metaverse represents a virtual world where people can buy and sell properties such as land and buildings. One thing that goes perfectly well with the metaverse is non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The use cases for NFTs are fast expanding, and they are now a major part of the new advancement in the digital world, which is the metaverse.

The metaverse came into the light after it was endorsed by Facebook after the social media giant company changed its name to Meta. This was the first leading Web 2 company to venture into the metaverse.

NFTs and the metaverse are closely related concepts. The two concepts are popular in blockchain gaming and other interoperable gaming projects. The boom of play-to-earn features have made NFTs find a strong use case, and while the metaverse is still a new concept, it is giving NFTs a new and better use case.

Metaverse NFT collections are a perfect fit because the two concepts are receiving much attention. Therefore, NFT marketplaces have recorded a surge in trading volumes for metaverse NFTs.

Top 7 most traded metaverse NFT collections

Below are the top 7 most traded metaverse NFT collections:

1. Decentraland

Decentraland stands as the leading metaverse project in the market. Therefore, it is no surprise that it ranks as the most traded metaverse NFT collection in different marketplaces.

The Decentraland metaverse NFT collection supports over 97,000 items. These items are owned by more than 5.5K owners. Since Decentraland is one of the oldest projects in the metaverse and NFT sector, it has attracted much attention and interest over the years.

The NFT collections on Decentraland are quite different from other platforms because Decentraland offers parcels of land. Those who want to build on the project can use these parcels of land. Decentraland’s parcels have seen much demand, such that they hold some of the highest values in the crypto space.

On OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, the average unit of land on Decentraland sells at around $17,000 per unit. These parcels are sold daily, and sometimes, they can be sold for staggering amounts, depending on the rarity and attributes.

2. Decentraland wearables

Land is not the only asset found on Decentraland. Decentraland also offers a collection of wearable NFTs. These NFTs can be used by other people on the metaverse to customize their characters and give them attributes that they would like to see.

Decentraland wearables have become some of the most traded metaverse NFTs because they are cheaper than buying parcels of land on Decentraland. This makes them ideal for retail and small-scale traders looking for affordability.

Some of the Decentraland wearables can sell for below $1000, while some can be sold for over $10,000. The price depends on the attributes of the wearable. Examples of the most popular wearables on Decentraland include sneakers sold at smaller prices.

Decentraland wearables are ideal for a new investor looking to buy their first NFT because some can be sold at less than $100. Moreover, the Decentraland wearables NFT collections are very act8ive, as sales happen daily, with numerous bids. With the large Decentraland community, you can be assured that you will always have something to buy and someone to sell it to.

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3. The Sandbox

The other most traded metaverse NFT is The Sandbox. The Sandbox NFT collection is available on the leading marketplaces, and it has attracted much interest because of the popularity of The Sandbox in the metaverse sector.

On OpenSea, the Sandbox metaverse NFT comprises more than 100,000 items on the collection. Like Decentraland, each NFT on The Sandbox comprises a single plot of land.

The Sandbox is launching a metaverse project that has been in development for over three years. With its metaverse anticipated to be one of the leading ones in the market, these NFTs are attracting much attention.

Data from OpenSea shows that one plot of land on the Sandbox metaverse is valued at around $13,000. The trading volumes are high, and with the expected partnerships between The Sandbox and those that want to build their metaverse experience on the platform, these NFTs are expected to record major sales.

The high trading volumes of The Sandbox metaverse NFTs are high, given that sales happen almost on an hourly basis. These NFTs are owned by more than 15,000 people, which represents the hype of this NFT collection.

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4. Parallel Alpha

The other NFT that we have in this list is Parallel Alpha. This is a popular metaverse NFT, as it is Sci-Fi themed. The NFT is also based on a collectable card game, further boosting its popularity and interest in the market.

The Parallel Alpha NFT collection comprises original 3D artefacts and characters. The Parallel Alpha metaverse NFT collection attracts much interest despite still being under development.

Unlike other metaverse NFT collections, Parallel Alpha does not have the full virtual world experience because it is based on a gamified metaverse. However, as aforementioned, the concept of the metaverse and NFTs has been popularized by gaming; hence Parallel Alpha is ranking as one of the most traded NFT collections in this regard.

Parallel Alpha NFT collection currently comprises 381 items. It has also seen much hype from the community, given that the NFTs have more than 29,000 owners. The NFTs have also recorded many holders because of their cheap prices; hence they are affordable to many who are just venturing into the NFT sector.

The prices of collectables in this NFT collection rank below $100, and they can even go as high as $1000. Some of the rare cards have even sold for more than $1000. One of the NFTs in this collection is being sold at a high of $4.3M.

5. ZED Run

The other most traded metaverse NFT collection is ZED Run. This metaverse NFT is ideal for investors looking for a fully developed gaming experience based on the metaverse.

ZED Run is a digital horse racing game that features an NFT collection harbouring more than 153,000 items. Each NFT in this collection comes with a rare and unique racing horse with different colours and features.

The prices of these horses differ, as the rare types are sold for much more than the other common breeds. The ZED Run NFT collection has seen much hype, given that there are over 40,000 owners of this collection.

You cannot compare the metaverse experiences offered by Parallel Alpha with other projects such as Decentraland and The Sandbox. The latter offers a full metaverse collection, while Parallel Alpha’s NFT offering is based on gaming. It offers a 3D racing track that depicts every horse in real-time.

6. Mars4

The other metaverse NFT that we can add to this collection is Mars4. Mars4 is like Decentraland and The Sandbox in that it allows people to own parcels of land. What is unique about this NFT is that it allows people to buy virtual land on Mars.

The project has been well-developed to ensure that these plots of land will have value in the future. The parcels of land on the project have been capped in that they will be rare with time, which will add to their prices.

Moreover, another factor that makes this metaverse NFT rank as one of the best is that the virtual land has been articulately developed to offer the real experience on Mars, as the virtual land on this project has been created from the depiction of Mars by NASA.

The value of the parcels of land differs depending on various attributes. Moreover, users can develop this land by buying various materials that can be used for development. This further adds to the value of the land, making it one of the most established and popular metaverse NFTs.

7. Sorare

The metaverse allows developers to create any virtual experience, and Sorare brings the virtual experience closer to soccer fans.

The Sorare metaverse NFT collection is different, as it allows soccer fans to buy NFTs that they can use in playing soccer games on the platform. The NFT collection is well-established, given that owners have the right to manage their teams, just as one would do in the real world.

As such, the team owner can sell players and make other decisions for the team. Sorare has attracted much attention from users by offering a fantasy football game. It has also been endorsed by popular soccer leagues and clubs like Bundesliga and Atletico Madrid.


NFTs have attracted much interest across the crypto sector since the beginning of the year. However, the growing talk regarding the metaverse has created another strong use case for NFTs and metaverse NFTs are slowly becoming the talk of the town.

The demand for metaverse NFTs has been high, which is why these collections are recording high trading volumes on NFT marketplaces. While most NFT collections come at high prices because of the growing demand, some are affordable and make the best choices for those buying their first NFT.

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