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Top 15 Digital Securities to Pay Attention to in August 2022




Opinion pieces are based on the author's personal opinion, and they do not constitute investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. Conduct your own due diligence and consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Digital Securities

The blockchain industry has delivered numerous products that have the potential to revolutionize the world. From the blockchains themselves to decentralized applications, the metaverse, decentralized finance, decentralized digital money, and it has even started the process of delivering the next version of the internet.

However, there are also products such as digital securities, which now have a permanent place in the investment industry, even if they are not yet as popular as they might become. Their potential is certainly worth noting, and they are as diverse as regular cryptocurrency projects, coming from all sorts of companies and being dedicated to all manners of purposes.

To further illustrate this point and offers some insight to those who might be interested in investing in digital securities, we have created a list of the top 15 of these products for you to check out and keep an eye on, as they may very well be the future of investment, or at the very least — play a role in creating that future.

1. Blockchain Capital

Blockchain Capital is the first project of this kind that we recommend, and it is very well-known in investment circles. The company has been around for more than 8 years, and it got quite a reputation for investing in various blockchain projects and protocols, many of which blew up after being supported by this firm. Blockchain Capital has made more than 125 major investments, investing locally and internationally, in firms in all stages of development.

Today, it is a highly influential company whose views and opinions are highly respected, while its own services, such as operational and capital support, also got great amounts of attention and usage. The company even launched its own token known as BEP, which sold out in 6 hours, allowing it to raise $10 million.

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In second place, we have a digital security token known as SPICE VC — a security issued by the firm of the same name, which has made numerous investments into another company known as Securitize.

Securitize is known for being one of the crypto industry’s biggest token issuers, and it has had great success in security token creation and asset tokenization. Furthermore, SPICE VC has a highly experienced team of developers and business experts who have attracted a lot of major names thanks to their efforts, including Bakkt, ROX, and also

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3. Science

In the third spot, we have Science Blockchain, also known as just Science. It is a new and innovative organization that values concepts and people that can be described as disruptive. In fact, its whole purpose is to preserve and nurture the spirit of innovation. Meanwhile, its main focus is on the mobile marketplace, as well as certain e-commerce investments.

Essentially, the project’s idea is to build firms and invest in them. As such, it is helping the development of the next generation of companies that can help shape the future and make it a bright, positive, and profitable one. To achieve this goal, it is also bringing together the best talents with the best ideas, and it provides financing. So far, it has already helped 60 different companies get started and obtain funding, and it acquired 8 businesses that are now a part of its growing ecosystem.

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4. INX Limited

Moving forward, we have INX Limited, which is a company whose goal is to bring forth a new regulated standard. While an ambitious goal, the firm has attracted everyone’s attention in the investment industry, and so did its token INX.

INX Limited’s long-term aim is to enable its trading suite and make it capable of offering both digital securities and cryptocurrencies. Primarily, however, it focuses on broad crypto trading offerings, and it is compliant with many regulatory bodies from all major markets in the world. And, since it understands the important role that institutions have to play in the crypto industry, it is also working towards getting as many of them involved with it as possible.

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5. Exodus

In the fifth spot, we have Exodus, which is a company whose flagship product is a Bitcoin wallet that also offers support for a number of altcoins. One of the tokens supported by the wallet is the project’s native cryptocurrency, EXIT. Apart from EXIT and Bitcoin, the wallet also supports over 200 cryptos.

So far, the wallet has been received very well. It is user-friendly, it offers all necessary functionalities, such as the ability to send and receive cryptos, and it even offers the ability to exchange supported coins. Other than that, the company also combines crypto with Reg A+ offering and common stock, which is digitally represented with its EXIT tokens.

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6. Enegra Grup

The sixth on our list is Enegra Grup, which is a firm that allows commodity miners from the emergent markets to compete globally, thanks to some of the world-class features, and offer expert logistics, risk management, governance, logistics, and more.

The company actually emerged 11 years ago, in 2011. Back then, it noticed the opportunity to use its experience in many of the mentioned fields and reduce the risks that come with sourcing and trading commodities. This has proven to be a very rewarding and successful area for Enegra, which further partnered with mid-tier miners from Southeast Asia with contracts to buy their production offtake, and trade on the global commodity markets.

7. SiriHub

Moving on, we have SiriHub. This is an investment token that is backed by real estate, and fully regulated and registered with the SEC. In fact, it is the first SEC-regulated token backed by real estate in the world, and it is based in Thailand. It allows investors to gain a stable yield on their investments, and its underlying asset is the well-known Siri Campus.

The project’s idea is to empower the investors’ wealth and allow them to receive a regular revenue share every quarter of every year. It also grants them a revenue share from the Siri Campus complex, and in doing so, it aims to promote safe investments in real estate-backed tokens.

8. Protos

Next up is Protos — a major security token issuer that allows investors to gain exposure to many great and professionally-managed portfolios. The company emerged after observing the simplicity of investing in crypto and DeFi, but also the risk that doing so carries with it, due to the massive and unpredictable volatility of cryptocurrencies.

With that being the case, any investment into crypto is a huge risk, and investing all of your money into a single asset under such circumstances is a very bad move to make. Every expert will tell you that diversification of your portfolio is the key, and when it comes to crypto — that is far more than sound advice. It is a necessity. There is only one problem, as different coins and tokens all run on different blockchains, which makes management a nightmare. Protos emerged to help with that, offering professionally managed portfolios consisting of crypto assets and DeFi protocols that allow users to quickly invest into the most rewarding available assets.

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9. Dignity Gold

Dignity Gold is a blockchain development company that creates and issues security tokens with the goal of creating better investment opportunities. The firm is focused primarily on various minerals and precious metals. Essentially, its idea is to create intrinsic value through agreements.

At the same time, it offers its investors stable and safe investment opportunities by allowing them to invest in these commodities via digital securities. This makes the process simple, reliable, safe, and easier than investing in them in traditional ways. On top of that, tokenization also allows easy distribution of rewards for token holders, with virtually no downsides to this way of investing other than the fact that it is new and, for many, still somewhat intimidating.

10. Tinaga Island Resort

In the tenth spot, we have an interesting project called Tinaga Island Resort, which is issued by a company known as Tinaga Resorts Corporation. Essentially, the firm saw potential in the crypto industry, and it decided to create a security token — which, due to being properly regulated, is the safest form of digital currency for a major corporation to deal with.

The idea is to use the so-called TIRC token to raise $10.6 million and then use the money for building a 5-star beach resort. Once the resort becomes operational, investors will start receiving regular rewards, and all they need to do is keep the token. The resort is expected to open in December 2024, according to the company’s roadmap.

11. AspenCoin

Then, we have AspenCoin, which is another security token, this one created by Aspen Digital. This is a company that acts as a subsidiary of Elevated Returns LLC. The firm operates as a worldwide real estate corporation, and it is one of the leaders in the development of the security token market.

Its primary goal is to create a borderless marketplace for real estate investors, allowing them to invest in real estate anywhere in the world, and from anywhere in the world. It recognized that the best investment locations and opportunities are not always local ones, and investing in international real estate in traditional ways is very difficult and complex. Through digital securities, the process can be significantly simplified, and so AspenCoin was created to make it happen.

12. BitBond

In the twelfth spot, we have BitBond Token, or BitBond, for short. This is the first security token to ever launch in Germany, and it is equal in value to 1 euro. The token was created by BitBond Finance GmbH, which is owned by BitBond GmbH.

The idea surrounding the project is to use BitBond Token to deliver financial technology powered by blockchain. It all started nearly a decade ago, in 2013, with SME lending, tokenization, and digital asset custody. The token was launched in the Stellar ecosystem, known for its speed, the low cost of its transaction, and a built-in decentralized exchange.

13. Millennium Sapphire

Millennium Sapphire is possibly the most interesting project on this list, as it involves an actual massive gem of the same name — the Millennium Sapphire. The gem was carved with 134 scenes featuring some of the greatest milestones in the last 5,000 years of mankind’s history. It is also the largest sapphire in the world, and as such, it can serve as a permanent tribute to humanity’s existence and achievements.

The project Millennium Sapphire has come up with the idea of issuing MS Tokens tied to them and using them to offer fractionalized ownership of the sapphire itself.

14. HC’s Whisky Fund

Nearing the end of the list, we have HC’s Whisky Fund — the first project of this kind in the world featuring a fintech-enabled whiskey fund. This is the first opportunity ever to allow users to offer a fraction of a whiskey cask. And why would someone want to own it? The answer is simple — alcoholic beverages have been known to make for excellent stores of value and even investments. From vintage wine to whiskey, alcohol can serve as a great way to increase your investment, along with the beverage’s age and quality.

This particular project offers exposure to Fine Scottish Whiskey as its asset class, and you can use it to diversify your portfolio and own only a fraction of the entire asset. Not only that, but you can invest in multi-barrel portfolios that offer higher liquidity through secondary market trading.

15. FirstShot Centers LLC

Last, but not least, we have FirstShot Centers LLC. This is a project that has a platform service provider, transfer agent, blockchain and digital securities attorney, and even a CEO. It was regulated by the SEC and is currently listed on the Cryptosx Digital Asset Exchange in the Philippines.

The company has the idea of creating unique, themed entertainment outlet centers from abandoned shopping malls and big box stores that can be found all over and then offering them to specialty manufacturers. A lot of the malls have shut down due to the rise of online shopping, and the COVID-19 pandemic has forced even more of them out of business, while some have been abandoned for years or even decades. FirstShot Centers LLC wants to give them a new purpose and use its digital security to allow users to invest and later profit from such investments.


As you can see, digital securities come in all shapes and sizes, they are dedicated to all kinds of different things, and they offer brand new opportunities that are available to everyone thanks to the process of tokenization. We cannot claim that any of the mentioned projects are bound for greatness, although each of them has that potential inside of them. All that we can say is that they are worth a look over, but from there, each investor needs to come up with their own conclusions and make their own decision.

Ali is a freelance writer covering the cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain industry. He has 8 years of experience writing about cryptocurrencies, technology, and trading. His work can be found in various high-profile investment sites including CCN,, Bitcoinist, and NewsBTC.