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Top 13 Coins that will Help You Make Gains

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For nearly a decade and a half, crypto users were engaging in trading and investing to make gains from digital coins. Bitcoin was, is, and likely will be the first on among all of them due to its brand, price, and massive market cap that is capable of rivaling the rest of the crypto world on its own. However, Bitcoin is not the only good opportunity out there, as there are countless coins, going from only a few months old ones to the ones that have been around for years, but never got the attention they deserve.

These are all cryptos that are capable of delivering huge gains if given a chance, and today, we wanted to find the best among them and point them out for your benefit. Without further delay, let’s take a look at what the following 13 altcoins have to offer.


The first on our list is a project called STEPN, which is an NFT project that describes itself as a Web3 Lifestyle App. Essentially, the project is offering NFT-based digital sneakers which users can purchase like any other NFT. However, by owning them and then going out for walks, users generate rewards in the form of cryptocurrency.

There have been attempts before to combine fitness and the crypto industry, but never before were those projects as seamless or successful as STEPN, which has since started growing, and even now, during the bear market, it is still among the top 70 largest cryptos by market cap.

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2. Mines of Dalarnia

In the second place, we have a metaverse-based game called Mines of Dalarnia. This is a game that reminds many of the popular traditional game Minecraft, where players are dropped into an endless world where they can mine for resources and use those resources to build things, improve their gear, and do all kinds of things with the things they have created.

Mines of Dalarnia is similar, with some users known as landowners owning digital land through LAND tokens, and others called the miners, renting that land in order to mine for relics, minerals, and alike. The mined goods can then be used to improve their gear, or simply sold. Minecraft has been a major hit for years, and we expect Mines of Dalarnia to see similar levels of success.

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3. Dock

For our third entry, we have chosen Dock, or The Dock Network. This is a platform designed to offer simple solutions for developers and businesses that aim to create, manage, and present digital credentials that can be verified instantly through the blockchain.

People have speculated about using blockchain for storing sensitive data such as medical files, digital IDs, and other similar content, and then being able to offer access only to those who should have it. Dock is turning those speculations and theories into reality, thus giving blockchain technology another revolutionary use case.

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4. Baby Doge Coin

Next, we have Baby Doge Coin. This is another memecoin inspired by Dogecoin (DOGE) and its success. Out of all other memecoins, the most popular DOGE alternatives has been Shiba Inu, however, with Baby Doge now on the market, SHIB might lose a large portion of it to the newcomer.

Baby Doge was invented to attract users simply by being cute, which is its greatest advantage, and a thing that makes it stand out. With cuteness and memes being two of the most popular things on the internet, we believe that this token is bound for success.

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5. Kok

In the fifth spot, we have a project called Kok, created by the Kok Foundation. This is accompany whose goal is to innovate the existing business model by bringing blockchain technology to the global content industry.

KOK stands for Keystone of Opportunity and Knowledge, and it wishes to improve the traditional digital media contents industry by fixing up their systems, which it considers to be extremely distorted. Instead of continuing to rely on flawed systems, the project wants to create a more enjoyable platform with distinguishing, powerful content for the media industry.

To learn more visit our Investing in KOK guide.

6. Kadena

Moving on, we have Kadena — a PoW blockchain that combines this consensus mechanism with DAG principles in order to offer a more scalable version of Bitcoin. The project claims that it can provide the same levels of security as BTC, while being able to offer throughput that Bitcoin itself could never reach.

Its goal is to make its blockchain usable to enterprises and entrepreneurs, with unique infrastructure that is fully decentralized and created for pushing crypto industry towards mass-adoption through its multi-chain approach.

To learn more visit our Investing in Kadena guide.

7. Immutable X

Halfway down the list, we have Immutable X, which is the first layer-two scaling solution for Ethereum’s NFTs. Immutable X has already allowed many NFT and metaverse projects to launch on Ethereum without suffering from the project’s lack of scalability which leads to long waiting periods for transactions to get processed, slow speeds, and high gas prices.

It is capable of significantly improving user experience and bringing the hope in Ethereum-based projects back to the industry. It can achieve all of this thanks to the use of STARK zk-rollups, which even Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, supported by saying that Ethereum is all-in on this technology.

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8. Nuls

For the eighth spot, we chose a project called NULS, which is a microservices-driven blockchain project that relies on its own consensus algorithm called Proof of Credit (PoC). This mechanism allows users to mine via staking, while NULS’ modular design also uses NULSTAR, which is a microservices-based framework.

The framework can enable enterprise-grade solutions for smart contracts, public and private chains, decentralized apps, and even NRC-20 tokenization.

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9. Band Protocol

Band Protocol is a project that aims to provide decentralized oracles that would deliver information from various sources from the world outside of blockchain technology to the blockchain networks. This is necessary in order for smart contracts to be able to reach their full potential, as they need information that the terms of the contract have been met in order to take the next step.

Chainlink has pioneered decentralized oracles, but the fact that it is based on Ethereum, which is slow and struggles with scalability, is holding it back. Band Protocol, on the other hand, offers a service of the exact same quality, but much faster and cheaper thanks to the fact that it runs on Cosmos’s blockchain.

To learn more visit our Investing in Band Protocol guide.

10. Helium

For our tenth project, we chose Helium, which is a decentralized blockchain-powered network for IoT devices. Essentially, the project is allowing a very easy way for IoT devices to connect and communicate to one another. However, this is only one of its use cases. In order to connect all of these IoT devices, the project functions as a new form of the decentralized internet.

Essentially, it has users all over the world who act as Hotspots, and boost the internet signal in order to provide access to the IoT devices to the network, and then to the blockchain. This technology can be used for decentralizing internet access, but also for providing a network for IoT devices that can end up powering entire smart cities someday.

To learn more visit our Investing in Helium guide.

11. Gala Games

Gala Games, or simply Gala, is a project that wishes to influence the way in which the gaming industry has been evolving. The project aims to do this by offering players to take back control over their games and become a blockchain of games that users will actually want to play.

Essentially, the project sees it as unfair that users are paying hundreds of dollars on games and in-game items, and they never become true owners of any of it. All the premium gear, skins, and other types of content that they purchase are not theirs, but they are actually only renting it from gaming companies. GALA uses NFTs to grant player true ownership of anything they opt to purchase.

To learn more visit our Investing in Gala Games guide.

12. Ethereum Name Service

Nearing the end of our list, we have a distributed, open, and extensible naming system on Ethereum’s blockchain called the Ethereum Name Service. The project’s goal is to make blockchain technology more user-friendly by converting addresses that are currently only readable to machines into addresses that can be understood and remembered by humans.

As mentioned, the project does this to make Ethereum-based web easier to access and comprehend, which can make the crypto industry less intimidating, but it will also lead to fewer errors that result in coins being permanently lost after being sent to a non-existent address.

To learn more visit our Investing in Ethereum Name Service guide.

13. Decentraland

Finally, we have the last project on the list, which is Decentraland, the leading metaverse project. Decentraland has been around for years before metaverse started becoming popular, and it had plenty of time to develop. It offers digital plots of land that users can purchase and then use for development, running a business, playing games, and even for organizing VR meetups and events.

It has already seen plenty of usage for all of these and other use cases by users who purchased NFTs of these plots of land. As the oldest, most developed, and most popular metaverse project, Decentraland is the Bitcoin of this newly popular sector of the crypto industry.

To learn more visit our Investing in Decentraland guide.


With that, we conclude our list of the top 13 cryptocurrencies that could help you make gains. As always, a lot of it depends on the market behavior, and we cannot guarantee that the prices of any of these coins will indeed skyrocket anytime soon. The crypto industry is unpredictable and volatile, and the best we can do is suggest coins that seem to have true potential to grow.

The rest is up to you to decide, and we are just suggesting where to start looking if you wish to diversify your portfolio with some great, although not that obvious opportunities.

Ali is a freelance writer covering the cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain industry. He has 8 years of experience writing about cryptocurrencies, technology, and trading. His work can be found in various high-profile investment sites including CCN,, Bitcoinist, and NewsBTC.