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Top 10 Upcoming NFT Projects




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Top 10 Upcoming NFT Projects

After they exploded in early 2021, the non-fungible tokens have captivated the world, attracting everyone, from regular people to major corporations, celebrities, artists and content creators, and many others. While many assumed that the trend would end soon and as abruptly as it started, so far, there are no signs that it will happen anytime soon.

Instead, new collections and metaverse-related NFTs are emerging all the time, and already, there are some very interesting projects announced for the following months. Today, we decided to review our top 10 collections for you to consider, so without further delay, here is what we found worth watching.

1. Atlantic Voyage Ape Club

The first on the list is Atlantic Voyage Ape Club, and we are interested in this collection for several reasons. Not only did Ape-related NFTs saw a lot of popularity in the past, but AVAC also has some very interesting designs. The collection will feature 3300 NFTs, and the roadmap shows that holders will be able to access the Cabin or Stateroom on the virtual version of RAS Titanic, so there will be things to explore in the Ape metaverse. The collection is priced at 0.07 ETH on full sale plus whitelist

2. MetaLodons Club

Next up, we have the MetaLodons Club — a collection of 7,777 randomly-generated non-fungible tokens that are about to launch on Ethereum blockchain in about a week. The pre-sale will start on March 21st, with the public sale following on April 1st. The community will be able to mint assembled avatars consisting of more than 100 unique hand-drawn traits, and owning even a single one will grant users access to exciting events and exclusive merch that only the holders will be able to have. Plus, the project also has future benefits in mind, that the community will be able to unlock through the activation of the roadmap.

3. Cyber Assassins

In the third spot, we have Cyber Assassins — the first 3D Rendered, HD, Full-Body, Playable Characters that can be used in the game called Deadly Encounters. This is the most anticipated P2E game of 2022, and given the amazing designs of each Cyber Assassin in the collection, it is understandable why collectors and gamers are extremely excited about this particular project. Cyber Assassins will hold a pre-sale on April 9th, which will be followed by a public sale at a later date, on April 30th.

Owners of the NFTs will also receive VXS tokens in an airdrop, alongside numerous other benefits. And, of course, when the game comes out, the models will be playable characters. Not only that, but players will be able to combine 2 Cyber Assassins to create a Super Assassin, or combine 3 to create the Ultimate Assassin. However, combining will burn the originals, which is worth keeping in mind. This means that originals will significantly drop in number, most likely after a very brief period, so holding on to them for the purpose of re-selling them later might be a strategy worth considering if you don’t plan to use them in the game.

4. Tactical Tigers

Next, we have Tactical Tigers — a collection featuring 10,000 randomly generated tigers that differ in color, outfit, facial expression, various accessories, and more. Each Tiger is unique, of course, many also have unique hand items, and some are quite rare compared to the others. The project’s main goal is to revolutionize NFT gaming with a unique experience involving the genesis Tactical Tigers, as well as their companions, which will make a debut at some point in the future.

One of the main benefits of holding these NFTs is the fact that doing so will grant users $STEAK tokens, meaning that simply purchasing the NFTs and keeping them will let you earn money along the way. Both the pre-sale and the public sale will take place on May 1st, with the pre-sale price being 0.03-0.04 ETH and the public sale price will be 0.05 ETH per piece.

5. Zombies vs Humans Game

Halfway down the list, we have Zombies vs Humans Game. This is an NFT collection that will hold its pre-sale on May 20th, followed by a public sale only 2 hours later on the same day. The NFT is based on Solana’s blockchain, so buyers will have to use SOL in order to purchase the tokens. There will be 10,000 unique models in total, and those who decide to stake their NFTs will be rewarded for it with BRAIN tokens.

6. MyWorld

In the sixth spot, we have an NFT project called MyWorld, which promises users the ability to colonize 10,000 faraway planets made of various materials, such as gas, ice, water, or even dry, desert-like worlds. In other words, it is a NFT project offering planet NFTs, with all kinds of exclusive and unique worlds that are being generated using a complex algorithm tech. The algorithm will design millions of worlds, and yet the supply will be limited to 10k NFTs.

The project will start the presale on June 4th, which will be followed by the public sale two days later, on June 6th. Since this is a Polygon-based project, users will need MATIC tokens to buy it — 77 MATIC during pre-sale, and 99 MATIC during the public sale. Owning the tokens will allow users certain benefits, such as earning gifts like space food rations, hundreds of rare meteorites, or different patches for their astronaut suit.

7. Banana Art Club

Moving to number 7, we have Banana Art Club — an NFT project inspired by an Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. The artist created a rather unique art in 2019 by duct-taping a banana to the inside of a wall. The art was sold for $120,000, and now, three years later, it inspired an NFT collection featuring 3,333 NFT pieces in total. Each of them will feature a banana duct-taped to the wall with different colors of the banana, the wall itself, as well as the duct tape.

Apart from the collection, the team behind it also aims to create the World’s Biggest and Coolest Metaverse Gallery. The pre-sale will take place on April 15th, with a price of 0.06 ETH, while the public sale will take place on April 16th, surprisingly, with the same price.

8. Wolves in Disguise

Wolves in Disguise is an NFT project that will feature only 200 NFTs, which will be chosen completely at random. After that, the project will add a new batch to its collection every full moon. As the name suggests, the collection features wolves that are disguising themselves as other animals, such as a cow, a pig, a sheep, a beaver, chicken, giraffe, and alike.

Each wolf is distinct, but, as the project said, some are UNIQUER than others, meaning that they distinguish from the pack, and may be natural leaders who would rise above others. In total, the collection will feature 10,500 wolves. The public sale will take place on April 18th, with a price of 0.1 ETH per NFT.

9. Space Cadets

Nearing the end of the list, we have Space Cadets, which is a collection featuring 10,000 NFTs developed on Ethereum’s network. These space-faring tokens will initially be available for minting via the official website, and after that, they will reach OpenSea. There are more than 350 hand-drawn traits that feature memorable items and pop-culture references from around the world and every medium imaginable.

The NFTs will first be offered during a pre-sale on April 29th, at a price of 0.06 ETH per piece, and then during the public sale on April 30th, at a price of 0.07 ETH. The project has already collaborated with multiple other projects in and out of the NFT industry, and each collaboration brought two new unique traits for the collection, and 1/1 NFT.

10. Scotch Noblemen

Lastly, we have the Scotch Noblemen collection, which offers a total of 10,000 non-fungible tokens. The collection is also bringing the refining staking game, securitized tokenomics, and a metaverse-land owning DAO. Built on Ethereum, the NFTs feature Scotch Noblemen in different outfits, various facial expressions and accessories, different items on the Noblemen’s back and in their right hand, and even different skin colors. The pre-sale is scheduled for May 15th when the NFTs will be sold for 0.05 ETH per piece, and it will be followed by a public sale on May 18th when the price will be 0.07 ETH per each non-fungible token.


The NFT sector is not showing any signs of slowing down — on the contrary, the NFT hype continues alongside the rise of the metaverse. With so many new projects on the way, there are plenty of new opportunities for collectors, blockchain gamers, and other NFT enthusiasts

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