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10 Crypto-Focused X (Twitter) Accounts You Should Follow

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While Twitter may have changed its name to  X, its crypto community remains unchanged and as vibrant as ever.  It is a  location where new and old users can meet up and exchange ideas, concepts, laughs, and sometimes insults. This crypto community has always been a vital aspect of the market. Unlike earlier assets, social media plays a vital role in the crypto market and its momentum. Here are the top 10 X accounts maintaining an emphasis on crypto that every trader should follow.

Michael Saylor: @saylor

HODLing crypto is hard, especially when the market starts to get volatile. Saylor is a great account to follow if you need some HODL inspiration. As the ex-CEO of MicroStrategy and a long-time Bitcoiner, his timeline is filled with cool art and other inspirational posts to keep you focused.

Source: X @saylor

Notably, Saylor is seen by many as a pioneering force in the institutional crypto space. His firm, MicroStrategy, is among the largest Bitcoin hodlers in the market. Saylor leverages his position to dish out some valuable insight into the future of the market. He also isn't shy from roasting an anti-crypto proponent when needed.

Saylor is known for many accomplishments, including holding over 40 patents. These patents include multiple forms of analytics and other data management systems. Today, he provides helpful advice to traders while running a variety of tech firms and charities.  You too, can gain insight from one of the biggest players in the market by following Saylor.

Changpeng “CZ” Zhao: @cz_binance

Changpeng Zhao is another account that will provide you with direct insight into the minds of one of the industry's most important players. As the founder and CEO of the world's largest crypto exchange, Binance, Zhao holds one of the most influential positions in the market.

Source: X @cz_binance

Zhao will often discuss possible regulatory issues or other market conditions that may have the average trader feeling confused. He's not scared to leverage his personal account when dispelling rumors or addressing concerns regarding the stability of Binance. He has even used his platform to bring other less stable platforms under scrutiny.

In one instance, Binance had to suspend Bitcoin withdrawals to reset the mempool. This maneuver was necessary to integrate the Lightning Network – an upgrade recently implemented by Binance. The delayed withdrawals caused a lot of stress in the community before Zhao took to Twitter to quell concerns and provide some confidence in the matter.

Tim Draper: @TimDraper

Tim Draper is a well-known tech investor who has helped launch some of the world's most successful platforms, including the messaging app Skype. Draper is also a long-time crypto proponent who has used his experience to open a variety of ventures in the space. Currently, he serves as the founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Draper University.

Source: X @TimDraper

Draper isn't shy about pointing out potential opportunities or setbacks faced in the market. He will often provide his personal view on sensitive issues related to the industry and give advice to help the average trader gain a better perspective. As a tech guru and someone who has been a part of numerous projects, Draper is a great addition to your timeline.

Vitalik Buterin: @VitalikButerin

Vitalik Buterin is the Founder of Ethereum, the world's largest DeFi and Dapp ecosystem. Vitalik is one of the most vocal and powerful people in the market. Ethereum is one of the largest networks in the world, and Buterin is directly involved in this success.

Source: X @VitalikButerin

Buterin has taken to social media to praise concepts, introduce new ideas, and even ask the opinion of his millions of followers. In one incident, Ethereum was hacked for $50M in ETH. Buterin took to social media to see how the community felt about the possible options. In the end, it was decided to roll the chain back and hard fork, creating Ethereum Classic and Ethereum.

Buterin is not scared of change or controversy. He recently spearheaded one of the biggest upgrades in crypto history as Ethereum converted from a PoW network to a PoS system. The maneuver lowered congestion, improved performance, and reduced transaction costs.

Brian Armstrong: @brian_armstrong

Another exchange founder that you need to follow is Brian Armstrong. As Coinbase's CEO, Armstrong has direct insight into regulatory and technical matters that affect the entire market. Coinbase is the largest crypto exchange in North America. It has managed to secure licensing and other regulatory approvals thanks to a combination of tenacity and a willingness to work with regulators when needed.

Source: X @brian_armstrong

Coinbase has gone through many changes since Armstrong first launched it. Today, the platform offers a variety of DeFi features and other options that make it stand out. Coinbase is considered one of the most official and recognized exchanges in the world. As such, it serves a vital role in onboarding institutional investors.

Elon Musk: @elonmusk

Elon Musk is a controversial figure who, at times, has both bolstered and hindered crypto adoption. The long-time tech entrepreneur and one of the world's wealthiest men has voiced his support for cryptocurrencies on numerous occasions. In one incident, he tweeted a picture of him holding a Shiba Inu dog, which led to Dogecoin seeing a massive bump in value.

Source: X @elonmusk

Musk has repeatedly affected the market value of projects from mere posts. When he posted that Tesla would hold Bitcoin reserves, the price went up. When he posted complaining about Bitcoin sustainability and energy usage concerns, the value dropped. Say what you want about his opinions, but it's obvious that when he speaks, lots of people listen.

Musk isn't shy about his pro-crypto dreams, and he has even invested millions in Bitcoin reserves. Recently, he purchased Twitter and rebranded it X. The move remains a controversial decision but does ensure that Musk remains a powerful voice in the market moving forward. Notably, he has already stated that he could see a future where cryptocurrencies and X become integrated.

Roger Ver: @rogerkver

Roger Ver, known as Bitcoin Jesus before the Bitcoin Cash fiasco, remains a great account to follow. This sometimes controversial figure is always interesting to watch. In the past, he has gotten into heated arguments with other crypto stars. He has even taken to YouTube to roast anyone who called Bitcoin Cash, Bcash.

Source: X @rogerkver

Ver has been an inspirational voice in the crypto space since day one. He was the founder of and Both of these sites still operate as prime locations for crucial and timely blockchain information.

Ver became a controversial figure following his push to create Bitcoin Cash. This incident resulted in a massive split in the market, and many Bitcoiners felt as if Ver abandoned them. Today, he remains an advocate of Bitcoin Cash and other projects. Notably, Ver will often provide a mix of market insight and personal opinion, which is a nice break from the rigidness of some of the others on this list.

Anthony Pompliano: @APompliano

Pompliano has earned a spot on this list for his support of the community and past efforts. He currently has a healthy +1M following and is one of the more active influencers on this list. Pompliano will often interview other crypto stars and even other influencers on his podcast, Pomp (formerly Off the Chain).

Source: X @APompliano

Pompliano can be found speaking on crypto matters across multiple mediums, including mainstream media. He is regarded as one of the few voices that these channels are okay with sharing. He is best known for his ability to take very complex theories and explain them to his followers in an easy-to-understand manner.

Cathie Wood: @CathieDWood

Cathy Wood has been a long-time proponent of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. She is best known for defending the technology and making massive price predictions for the assets.

Source: X @CathieDWood

Notably, in February 2023, she predicted Bitcoin would see +1M in value within the next decade. If you need some inspiration, Wood can get you pumped.

Mark Cuban: @mcuban

Mark Cuban is one of the best-known names on this list. This billionaire and TV personality has shown strong support for cryptocurrencies in the past.

Source: X @mcuban

Notably, Cuban often makes market predictions and is a known crypto investor. Follow Cuban to gain insight into the mind of a market pioneer.

New Name (X), Same Crypto Twitter

Immersing oneself in the crypto community on X can be a rewarding way to spend your time when researching the market. However, it is important to remember that not all accounts are worth your time, and following bad advice can lead to losses. The best option is first to discover which experts are reliable and learn by following their lead. In the end, you will both improve your skills and your understanding of who is who in the market.

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