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Stratis Stays True to 2019 Roadmap with Launch of STO Platform





STO Platform

Today is a big day for one of the most popular ‘Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) companies around – Stratis.  After months of development, the company has announced the launch of their anticipated STO platform.

News of the launch has resulted in a healthy bump in the company’s token prices, as well.  At the time of writing, with STRAT is BTC by nearly 10% on the day.


While the STO platform is well equipped, and ready to begin hosting U.S. based token offerings, Stratis has taken the time to highlight three key features of their offering.  The following is an excerpt from their release, elaborating on these highlights:

  • Real-time pricing
    • The platform accepts payment in both fiat currency (USD) and cryptocurrency (BTC and STRAT). It uses currency data from multiple providers to ensure that STO participants benefit from real-time token pricing.
  • ID based token issuance
    • The platform creates unique user IDs that allow the STO administrator to reliably and securely accredit tokens once an individual makes a wire transfer. This ID-based system ensures compliance with KYC and AML laws.
  • Wallet based platform for added security
    • Stratis utilises hierarchical deterministic wallets rather than autonomous smart contracts to add an additional layer of authority and security.

ICO Transition

Stratis has indicated that their newly announced STO platform is a spin-off of their ICO platform.  Both are built with/utilize C# and .NET Core, while the STO platform integrates the necessary KYC and AML capabilities to remain compliant with current SEC imposed regulations surrounding securities.

With the company commenting, specifically, on compliance with the SEC, it is clear that the launch of this platform is geared towards making a bigger name for Stratis within the United States.

The transition of focus from, simply, ICOs to including STOs is an important one.  Unfortunately, by the time Stratis was able to develop and launch their ICO platform, investor participation in such events was dying down.  With many recognizing STOs as the future replacement for such capital generation events, and with 2020 expected to be a big year for the sector, this news is definitely positive for Stratis.

A perfect example of recognition of this transition can be seen in the actions of a company directly affiliated with Stratis – Gluon.  This automotive marketplace provider was originally scheduled to be the inaugural ICO held through Stratis.  As time progressed, it became clear that in order to ensure a successful compliant capital generation event, the token offering would need to be structured as an STO.  Fast forward to today, and just as they were going to kick off the ICO platform, Gluon is scheduled to be the inaugural STO held through Stratis.

Wallet Launch

Coming mere hours after the launch of their STO platform, Stratis has also announced the launch of their mobile wallet.

This is an important release, alongside the STO platform, as the wallet supports the company’s utility token, ‘STRAT’.  This token is one of the three means of payment able to be used within the STO platform – a decision sure to make token holders happy.

While the wallet is currently only available on android devices, the company indicates that, in the coming weeks, IOS users will gain access.


Upon announcing the launch of their STO platform, Stratis CEO, Chris Trew, took the time to share his thoughts.  He stated,

“We are delighted to launch our STO platform, one of the key milestones of our 2019 Development Roadmap. The STO platform builds on the functionality of the Stratis ICO platform with the addition of several new features that satisfy the rigorous regulatory requirements needed to conduct STOs. Our STO Platform is highly secure, flexible and scalable, making it easy for businesses of any size to raise money through the tokenisation of their assets.”


Founded in 2016, Stratis is a U.K. based company which specializes in blockchain solutions.  Since their launch, the team at Stratis have developed a variety of products, with the goal of making ‘blockchain simple’.  Some of these include an ICO platform, smart contracts, mobile wallet, and much more.

CEO, Chris Trew, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

The announcement, detailing the launch of the STO platform discussed here today, is not one that caught us by surprise.  Months ago, we reported on the addition of this launch to the 2019 Stratis roadmap.  Check out the article to learn a bit more about how Stratis found themselves where they are today.

Stratis Roadmap Indicates Support for Security Token Offerings

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