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Stobox Looks to Accelerate Growth through Security Token Offering (STO)





Those well versed in the potential of blockchain technologies, such as Stobox, have widely agreed that digital securities represent the future of investing.  These blockchain based tokens provide their holders with all of the rights associated with traditional shares, combined with the transparency and liquidity of a digital token.

For a future to be realized in which digital securities are commonplace, the sector must first see the development of service providers.  These are companies which offer the ability to issue, store, and exchange such assets.

As the old mantra goes – practice what you preach.  Stobox is doing just that, as it has announced it is hosting its very own security token offering (STO), taking advantage of the very technology that it utilizes to serve its own clientele.

Welcome the Financial Internet with Stobox

No time Like the Present

So why has Stobox decided to raise capital through an STO now?  Beyond its belief in the ability of digital securities to ‘democratize markets’, the sector is showing promising growth.  Year-over-year figures shared by Stobox underscore this trend.

Issued Assets     – 200% YoY

Market Cap        – 518% YoY

Trading Volume – 1,106% YoY

Interest in digital assets, and the benefits which they afford, has never been higher.  As such, Stobox believes the time is now to capitalize on this, and establish itself as a force within digital securities moving forward.

The Details

In this event, eligible investors who have completed the necessary KYC requirements can apply with Stobox for whitelisting.

The STO itself will see Stobox raise up to $1 million, giving the company a valuation of $10 million.  Funds generated through the event are expected to be used towards platform development, resulting in the growth of both sales and revenue.

For those looking to take part in the STO highlighted, click HERE to register.

Past Musings

How to Pass Due Diligence and Solving Liquidity – each are factors playing important roles in the digital securities sector.  In past contributions to our on-going ‘Thought Leaders’ series, the Stobox team has shared its approach to each.

Gene Deyev, CEO at Stobox, states,

“Due Diligence requires asking hard questions.  But it is critical to ensure that we devote our time and money to what will have a real impact on the world.”

Borys Pikalov, Head of Business Analytics and Strategy at Stobox, states,

“…the key to unlocking liquidity is in creating an efficient way to find counterparties for transactions that would not be considered a regulated market.”


Founded in 2018, Stobox maintains headquarters in New York.  Since launch, its team has developed a platform built to serve capital markets through the use of blockchain technologies such as digital securities.

The Stobox team is anchored by a trio of co-founders, boasting an extensive history in FinTech.

Gene Deyev       – Chief Executive Officer

Borys Pikalov     – Head of Business Analytics and Strategy

Ross Shemeliak – Chief Operations Officer

Joshua Stoner is a multi-faceted working professional. He has a great interest in the revolutionary 'blockchain' technology.