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STO Global-X Announces the Launch of End-to-End Security Tokens Platform.

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STO Global Exchange (STGX)

In a recent press release, STO Global-X has announced the launch of their flagship product – the STO Global Exchange (STGX). This product will be available globally, and will serve as a comprehensive platform, tailored towards the exchange of digital securities. For example, this includes services ranging from token issuance, trading, custody, and more.

By teaming with BMI Capital Partners, the STGX is able to appeal to both token issuers and investors, utilizing secondary markets.

The launch of this end-to-end solution for the digital securities market comes at a time when the industry if rife with advancements. Various forward thinking companies have identified the future of blockchain, and are actively developing the infrastructure to support its growth. The STGX is a perfect example of one such company.

STO Global-X

STO Global-X is the main driving force behind the launch of the aforementioned platform. The Singaporean company was founded in 2018.  It was formed as the result of a joint partnership between Coinstreet Partners and Blockchain Worx, and is poised to become a well-known name in the sector.

Above all, STO Global-X functions primarily as a service, enabling management of digital securities throughout their lifespan.

CEO of STO Global-X, Floyd DCosta, spoke on the importance of STO’s. He stated, “Security Token Offerings will radically transform the traditional world of finance…Our integrated technology platform allows for institutions to issue, manage and trade tokenized securities, putting real world assets into fractional ownership on the Blockchain.”

BMI Capital Partners

BMI Capital Partners, is a subsidiary of BM Intelligence Group. The mother company was founded in 1995, and is based out of Hong Kong. Above all, they provide consulting services for anything ranging from finances to communications.

BMI Capital Partners Chairman, Chan Heng, commented on the collaboration with STO Global-X. He stated, “The traditional Initial Public Offering (IPO) process is both costly and time consuming for management teams. In today's highly volatile markets, companies must be able to respond to changing markets by rapidly securing capital when needed…Present capital market conditions do not efficiently support IPO's of small and medium size companies (SMEs).  STOs can provide an alternate, cost efficient way to fund the growth of SMEs.”

Coinstreet Partners Limited

Coinstreet Partners represents one of companies behind the creation of STO Global-X. They were founded in 2013, and are based out of Hong Kong. Above all, they are currently focusing on the development of a decentralized bank. This is happening with the intention of providing necessary banking services to companies in non-traditional sectors such as blockchain.

Coinstreet Partners CEO, Samson Lee, commented on the alliance with BMI. He stated, “After the first wave of crypto-currencies and utility tokens, we see a much stronger second wave coming — one that is anchored around digital assets and security tokens…Digital asset tokenization opportunities exist in many different spheres, such as equities, preferred shares, bonds, commercial debts, physical commodities, real estate, physical assets, funds or any assets providing an income stream.  We expect the market size of security tokens to far exceed that of utility tokens, and are very excited to extend our services into this area in collaboration with STO Global-X and BMI.”