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STA Looks to Further Fuel Growing Interest in Digital Securities with ‘Success Network’




Heap of Digital Tokens

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, the financial sector is also undergoing a significant shift. One area that has seen tremendous growth in recent years is digital securities, which have the potential to revolutionize traditional capital markets.

Against this backdrop, Security Token Advisors (STA) is launching a new research portal and community platform called the “STA Success Network.” As a leading consulting firm for tokenization, STA has witnessed a significant rise in adoption and has therefore decided to adopt a new approach to serve the growing industry.

The platform offers a range of benefits to its members, including a weekly intelligence email, analyst calls with the research team, a member portal with a comprehensive resource library, and the ability to post to the group or specific spaces, use messaging tools, and to contribute to as a publisher.

STA has facilitated the tokenization of numerous assets and securities types across multiple geographies since helping its first client in late 2017. This has helped the team develop a resource library, including multi-industry case studies, tokenization guides, and tailored educational resources to support issuers.

With the support of leading experts in the field, the team is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry. Herwig Konings, CEO and Founder believes the launch of the STA Success Network comes at a critical time for the industry. He believes it's time to bring together the leading players and issuers to learn from each other and establish best practices while taking advantage of key network effects that will accelerate the adoption of tokenization.

Instead of supporting clients directly with premium consulting services as they have done exclusively in the past, the STA Success Network will aggregate all of this intelligence in one place, accessible at any time.

Powered by a dedicated portal and weekly events, anyone exploring tokenization can find everything they need to start their journey and stay plugged into the evolving, soon-to-be trillion-dollar industry. The official launch of the STA Success Network is set for April 18th, 2023.

The Founding Members of STA's network have been given early access to optimize the platform for this launch. The STA Success Network already features over 100 members across all verticals of capital markets, including asset managers, law firms, investment banks, technology firms, marketplaces, and more. Membership is available for financial professionals from all around the world and starts at $1,999 per month.

For a limited time, the Founding Membership sale, which is 50% off the normal price, will be available until April 18th, 2023. By joining the STA Success Network, members will be able to take advantage of the significant benefits and stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving industry.

The Growing Trend of Digital Securities

Digital securities, also known as security tokens, are financial assets that are issued, traded, and settled using blockchain technology. These digital securities offer several advantages over traditional securities, including faster settlement times, lower transaction fees, increased liquidity, and programmable features.

The use of digital securities is a growing trend in the financial industry. In fact, the global digital securities market is expected to grow from less than a billion in 2020 to a trillion dollars by the end of this decade.

One of the primary drivers of this growth is the increased adoption of blockchain technology. The transparency, security, and efficiency offered by blockchain technology make it an ideal solution for issuing and trading digital securities. Additionally, the increasing demand for alternative investments and the need for greater liquidity in the private markets are also driving the growth of digital securities.

Digital securities can be used to represent a variety of assets, including real estate, private equity, and venture capital. They can also be used to represent more traditional securities, such as stocks and bonds. The use of digital securities has several benefits, including fractional ownership, automated compliance, and the ability to trade 24/7.

However, there are also some challenges associated with the adoption of digital securities, such as regulatory compliance. The regulatory landscape for digital securities is still evolving, and issuers must ensure that they comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, there are concerns about market liquidity and investor protection.

Despite these challenges, the growing trend toward digital securities is expected to continue. As blockchain technology continues to mature and the regulatory landscape becomes clearer, more issuers and investors are likely to adopt digital securities as a viable alternative to traditional securities.

With the trend of digital securities growing at an accelerated pace, it's crucial to be in the know and deeply understand the underlying technologies and market dynamics. Conducting thorough research and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field can provide valuable insights and help make informed decisions.

Furthermore, acquiring a comprehensive knowledge of digital securities can enable individuals and organizations to capitalize on emerging opportunities and navigate potential risks effectively in this rapidly evolving landscape.

With its Success Network, STA aims to offer just that, a leading community platform for digital securities and security tokens that provides members with all the necessary tools to stay informed and connected in this growing industry.

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Leading the Tokenization of Space

Security Token Advisors (STA) is a leading consulting firm that aims to help businesses apply tokenization to their operations. Tokenization has the potential to transform all stocks, assets, and financial services, and the firm is dedicated to ensuring that its clients implement it successfully without stumbling into unforeseen costs, delays, and other problems. By leveraging their services, clients can benefit from the experienced and passionate team of advisors who can help them navigate the complex world of tokenization.

STA works with a wide range of clients, including financial institutions, asset managers, real estate owners, fund managers, lenders, entrepreneurs, broker-dealers, industry service providers, and universities. For each of these clients, the firm has a tailored set of services and solutions.

For example, they help investment banks implement tokenization across all operations, digitize back-office procedures for asset managers, unlock asset potential for real estate owners, enable secondaries for fund managers, and automate the lender experience for lenders. They also offer dedicated course curriculums, workshops, and lectures to teach the instrumentals of tokenization for universities.

Now, Security Token Advisors is launching the STA Success Network, which is a research-focused community that provides access to awareness and marketing tools for those interested in staying up-to-date on tokenization.

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A Dedicated Digital Security Community

STA's Success Network provides its members access to a dedicated platform to participate in community discussions, share insights, and connect with other professionals in the industry. They also receive a weekly email with the latest news and intelligence on the market, including reporting on the industry, insights from experts, and trends analysis.

Additionally, members can unlock a library of guides, reports, case studies, and more to learn all about tokenization and how it works, including in-depth analysis of key trends, strategies for success, and best practices.

Members can also find other members to collaborate with and get in touch with leading service providers in the industry through the Member + Vendor Directory. They can also contribute guest articles and press releases and be featured on, providing a unique opportunity to showcase their expertise and raise visibility in the industry. Perks and discounts, too, are available in line with the network's growth, including access to exclusive events and promotions.

Members can further attend weekly webinars with leading experts in the field, as well as participate in Q&A sessions and workshops to stay up to date on the latest technical, regulatory, and industry changes. This provides curated member contributions to keep members informed on the latest trends.

The STA Success Network is ideal for anyone looking to stay plugged into the evolving world of tokenization. Whether you're an issuer, investor, or service provider, this community provides all the resources you need to stay informed and connected.

The network is perfect for asset managers, law firms, investment banks, technology firms, marketplaces, and financial professionals from anywhere in the world who want to learn from each other, establish best practices, and accelerate the adoption of tokenization.

The STA Success Network has a Founding Member package for full membership benefits and exclusive status in the community. Premium partners meanwhile receive prominent exposure, priority promotion, and custom consulting for marketing goals. They can also participate in and sponsor events for special treatment.

All this shows that the launch of the ‘Success Network' by STA is a significant step towards promoting and facilitating the adoption of digital securities. As the digital securities market continues to evolve, initiatives like ‘Success Network' are crucial in creating a thriving ecosystem that benefits all participants.

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