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SPiCE VC Partially Exits Positions in Securitize and Blockdaemon – Investors to Receive 2nd Payout of 2022




SPiCE VC, the venture capital fund focused on the blockchain/tokenization ecosystem, continues to impress.  With past and current portfolios comprised of companies like INX Limited, Bakkt, Archax, and more, SPiCE VC has established itself as having a keen eye for high potential start-ups.  With this being the case, investors in SPiCE VC are now benefitting with the funding having just announced partial exits of positions held in the following two notable companies.

  • Securitize
  • Blockdaemon

In doing so, investors in the popular fund are set to receive their second payout since the beginning of 2022.  Impressively, SPiCE VC notes that these two payouts already account for “nearly two thirds of their total investment into the fund.”  This is particularly noteworthy as this was achieved in only a 4 year period – well ahead of schedule for the typical 8 year exit plan for VC funds.

As a result of its successes, SPiCE VC has seen its own digital securities, known as ‘SPICE' tokens, explode in value, boasting a 350% increase within the last two years.

Commentary by Elyashiv

Upon announcing its upcoming investor payouts, Tal Elyashiv, Co-founder and Managing Partner of SPiCE VC, took the time to share his thoughts.

“Our investment approach of focusing on portfolio companies aiming to change the business landscape using blockchain and tokenization has proven a success time and time again as it has enabled our investors wide exposure to the massive growth of the blockchain and tokenization ecosystem. This exposure has translated to significant appreciation in portfolio value and incredible performance of 54% IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and 4.9 MoIC (Multiple on Invested Capital) for our investors to date.”

Recently, we had the privilege of interviewing Tal Elyashiv, learning more about SPiCE VC, its operations, and goals.

Tal Elyashiv, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of SPiCE VC – Interview Series

To learn more, make sure to visit our Investing in SPiCE VC guide.

Future Exits

Since launching the first iteration of its flagship fund, we have seen multiple companies within the SPiCE VC portfolio go public, and multiple exits occur along the way.  Now, savvy investors are no doubt wondering which company will be next.

For some, that may be Security Token Market (STM) – a security token financial data aggregator, which just saw SPiCE VC participate as a lead investor in its own tokenized crowdfunding campaign.

A $16 Trillion Opportunity

While SPiCE VC may be ahead of the curve, many are now coming to the same conclusion it did years ago – asset tokenization represents a massive opportunity, ripe for the picking.


Asset Tokenization is the Next Big Thing – Report Projects $16 Trillion Opportunity Within 8 Years

We recently discussed a joint report released by Boston Consulting Group and ADDX, which forecasts the sector growing to be worth $16 trillion by 2030.  In it, SPiCE VC is noted alongside other trailblazers in the sector, like the aforementioned Securitize.