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Looking to Trade Security Tokens and Cryptocurrencies on ‘ONE’ Regulated Platform? INX Has the Solution




In a recent look at SPiCE VC, we highlighted the fund and some its successes in identifying potential over the past few years.  One of the more notable examples of this is that of INX – a popular trading platform and broker/dealer servicing the digital asset sector.  After having gone public in 2021, raising $83.6 from over 7,000 investors, INX has spent its time building out a pair of platforms designed to serve each security tokens, and cryptocurrencies.  As of today, INX is now announcing the launch of ‘ONE' – a comprehensive platform merging its existing operations in to one service.


With the launch of ONE, INX clients will be able to access trading opportunities for both digital securities (security tokens) and cryptocurrencies in one place.  Importantly, INX notes that this service is the only fully regulated offering of its kind.

INX CEO, Shy Datika, believes that, “The launch of INX ONE marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the digital economy. Never before have investors and issuers had an opportunity to bring their unique communities together on a single, regulated, global hub for digital assets on the blockchain”.

The platform, which is geared towards both institutional and retail investors alike, does more than just offering trading opportunities.  On offer is everything potential token issuers would need to raise capital through a security token offering or ‘STO'.  This includes leveraging of INX and its ability to act as/offer the following,

  • Transfer agent
  • Broker/Dealer
  • ATS licenses
  • Secondary Trading
  • Smart Contract Design
  • Marketing & Promotion

In developing ONE, INX has made its motive clear – “increase access for U.S. and international investors to the growing opportunities in the digital economy”.  To do so, INX has worked hand-in-hand with regulators to ensure operational transparency and compliance.

Upon announcing the launch of ONE, Datika elaborated on what it means for investors, stating,

“INX ONE is a continuation of a journey that started with INX’s initial public offering of the INX Token and now includes a massive step forward in shaping the blockchain asset industry with an integrated and regulated environment with oversight from regulators like the SEC and FINRA. We see INX as a bridge between the legacy capital markets and their future.”

Past Developments

Beyond going public in 2021, another notable event took place last year involving INX – the acquisition of OpenFinance.  While its lifespan was a short one, at the time OpenFinance was viewed as a potential bright spot for the future of digital securities.  Unfortunately for the exchange, interest in digital securities was not where it needed to be at the time, resulting in crippling financial woes.  This provided an opportunity for newcomer INX to help both the sector, and an ailing competitor by absorbing its operations and 60,000 clients.

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