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Security Token Group Releases the January 2020 STO Market Report

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Security Token Group - January 2020 STO Market Report via Medium

This week, researchers from the Security Token Group released the January 2020 STO Market Report. Importantly, the report is the first of a new monthly STO market series. The data delves deep into the current state of the market and all of the developments that occurred throughout January. Importantly, the news showcases a growing demand for detailed market analytics related to tokenized assets.

Security Token Group Releases STO Market Report: January 2020

News of the report first emerged via the Security Token Group's medium page.  Notably, the post begins with a discussion on the most important developments of last month. These topics include important milestones such as tokenization and security tokens headlining The World Economic Forum (WEF) this year.

This year's forum included talks from the CEO of Circle, Jeremy Allaire and The Director of the Digital Currency Initiative at MIT, Neha Narula. Uniquely, the report also includes a link to interviews with both individuals. This is a nice addition as it allows you to get a true feel for the excitement that surrounded this monumental event.

The January 2020 STO Market Report also touched on some significant developments in the space. These events included when Securitize and AltoIRA signed a partnership that allowed US investors to invest their IRA holdings into tokenized assets and cryptocurrencies. Also, the tokenized real estate firm, RealT made the highlights. In January, the firm announced its third tokenized property in Detroit, Michigan is now live on the Uniswap Exchange.

Trading Overview

Importantly, the January 2020 STO Market Report includes an in-depth trading overview as well. This section features loads of helpful information for investors and blockchain firms alike. The report shows that there were 60 security token exchanges actively trading or under development. Out of these exchanges, only three listed and traded regulated security tokens in January. In total the entire security token market cap is at $52,726,495.01 with a January trading volume of $193,731.

Security Token Group releaseds the January 2020 STO Market Report via Medium

Security Token Group releaseds the January 2020 STO Market Report via Medium

The $ is in the Details

The Security Token Group even broke down the activity of each exchange throughout the month. This section includes such important statistics as the trading volume and active assets an exchange possesses. Additionally, the exchanges market cap and share are in the report. On top of all of this useful data, the report even includes a section dubbed – Investor Outlook.

Investor Outlook

In this part of the report, researchers point to valuable information released from the exchanges to help investors better gauge the activity level of each platform. Items such as letters to shareholders, or expected upgrades become the focus in this part of the report.


For example, the report lists tZERO as the most active exchange in the sector for January in terms of capitalization. According to the report, the platform has two active tokens at the moment. These tokens have a total market cap of $24,135,727.92. This cap equals out to a total market share of 45.78%. This level of detailed information is provided for all the exchanges that actively traded. Also, the report cites a letter to investors in which executives detail 200 more projects in the pipeline.

The January 2020 STO Market Report – A New Monthly Gem

The January 2020 STO Market Report is a must-read for anyone seriously monitoring the STO market. The Security Token Group provides you with all the important details needed to stir your next blockchain investment to success. For now, this report will provide an important record of the state of the market as mass-scale adoption continues.

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