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Sarson Funds Prepares for Raise with Vertalo

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Aligning Interests

Vertalo continues to round into form, as they have just announced another alliance, which will see them work with Sarson Funds.

In this alliance, Sarson will have access to a bevy of services offered by Vertalo, which include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Capitalization table management
  • Tokenization
  • Affiliation with custodians, exchanges, and issuance platforms

The choice by Sarson Funds to partner with Vertalo was surely an easy one, as the latter has made it clear that they are a leading company within the digital securities sector. With the work being put in by Vertalo, they have managed to attain higher levels of adoption than most, through their growing suite of services.

Reg D. vs RegCF

In their press release, Vertalo notes that this partnership is unique, due to the manner in which Sarson Funds intends to raise money. While much of their focus is towards the tokenization of assets, Vertalo is also able to provide value to more traditional raises. This is evident through their ability to serve as cap table specialists, and more.

With Sarson intending to raise funds through Regulation D, and potentially Regulation Crowdfunding in the future, Vertalo is an ideal partner.

For more information on what these funding methods entail, visit the links below.
Regulation D

Regulation Crowdfunding (CF)


Upon announcing their partnership, representatives from each, Vertalo and Sarson Funds, took the time to comment. The following is what each had to say on the matter.

Dave Hendricks, CEO of Vertalo, stated,

“The team at Sarson Funds is aligned with Vertalo’s vision to provide tools and technologies that broaden access to financial markets beyond sophisticated accredited investors. One of the best ways to do this is by supporting funds that educate their investors by using cutting-edge ownership platforms like Vertalo. In simplifying the digital asset ownership experience by using keyless custodial wallets and connecting shareholders directly to modern secondary trading venues like the Openfinance ATS, Vertalo’s technology helps to educate investors about the benefits of distributed ledger technology. We are honored that Sarson Funds has chosen us to join them on their mission.”

John Sarson, Managing Partner of Sarson Funds, stated,

“Vertalo is a clear leader in the race to digitize assets. Dave and his team understand the ways we want to use blockchain to grow our company while also improving services and liquidity for our shareholders. The team at Vertalo does the things that our attorneys don’t know how to do.”

Speaking with Dave

Earlier this year, we were fortunate to have completed an exclusive interview with Vertalo CEO, Dave Hendricks. In this discussion, we learn more about Vertalo, and what they bring to the table vs. traditional cap-table management firms.

Interview Series – Dave Hendricks, CEO of Vertalo

Sarson Funds

Founded in 2018, Sarson Funds is an Indianapolis based company. Above all, they specialize in offering, not only access to cryptocurrency investment funds, but to blockchain based marketing and educational services, as well.

Managing Partner, John Sarson, currently oversees company operations.


Vertalo is a Texas based company, which was founded in 2017. Self-described as the ‘Operating System for Digital Assets’, Vertalo offers a variety of services built to serve both, primary and secondary, trading markets.

CEO, Dave Hendricks, currently oversees company operations.

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