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RMRK Joins Up with Subsquid to Enhance UI with New Features

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A recent announcement published by Subsquid on June 30th, 2022, revealed that the company has teamed up with a crypto project RMRK — a Kusama-based project that is a part of the blockchain’s broader NFT strategy. The project features its own app, known simply as the, where its native token, RMRK is used as a currency in its metaverse, a method of preventing fungible token spam, a governance token, collateral in DeFi protocols, and more.

However, according to Subsquid’s announcement, the two have teamed up in order to achieve faster NFT and metaverse data indexing. The partners aim to start working on a number of important features that are meant to enhance the already-excellent RMRK user experience. The goal is to transform the way users create, trade, and interact with non-fungible tokens.

Subsquid helped RMRK during the Skybreach land sale

This is not the first contact that RMRK and Subsquid had with one another. In fact, only recently, Subsquid provided RMRK developers with tools and support in order to assist with the project’s build-up to the Skybreach land sale, which also took place on June 30th.

But, at the time, Subsquid announced that the land sale was only the start of what is to come and become a long and fruitful partnership. The reason why Subsquid’s assistance was needed is the fact that the team behind the Skybreach land sale needed a quick way to create fast-running software that would be able to calculate Othala Chunky rolls. Subsquid’s solution allowed RMRK’s team to have the feature ready in a matter of hours, thus saving the project two whole days-worth of development.

The collaboration continues

Now, RMRK is ready to continue the rapid development and growth of its ecosystem, which is where Subsquid’s tools and support will not only be helpful, but also crucial for fast progression and top quality of services, products, and features to come.

Subsquid’s technology features a modular architecture that can split on-chain data indexing from dApps’ business logic, which makes the company ideally suited to solving numerous challenges that are in the way when it comes to building metaverses. This also includes scalability but also provides support for next-gen NFTs, such as RMRK 2.0.

Subsquid’s CEO and co-founder, Dmitry Zhelezov, noted that RMRK is one of the top projects on Polkadot, and that they are building innovative NFT standards that go beyond anything else that the current crypto industry has to offer, regardless of the blockchain in question.

And, since Subsquid has a lot of experience in this space, as well as advanced tools, type-safe data interfaces, and great indexing speeds, the project finds itself in a perfect position to help RMRK with further development, and help improve the NFT standard by setting an example for the entire industry to see.

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