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MyNeighborAlice Reschedules Land Sale for the Third Quarter



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MyNeighborAlice, a popular blockchain game inspired by games such as Animal Crossing and Minecraft, was expected to hold a token sale at some point in the second quarter of this year and sell its land tokens. However, according to the project’s recent announcement, the sale will be postponed to Q3 2022.

The project apologized for the delay, acknowledging that the change is frustrating for the developers and the community members alike. It also noted that the original plan was to grant users the opportunity to acquire land prior to the launch of the project’s first Alpha Season.

It further noted that it has great respect, appreciation, and gratitude for the early investors, supporters, and HODLers, and it will make another attempt to grant the community members access to the game prior to its public release.

The project did not provide a specific reason for the delay. Instead, it only noted that it plans to keep working on the game and polish its upcoming marketplace and land sale. It still held its Alpha Season launch on June 30th, which happened according to schedule.

MyNeighborAlice game launcher is here

On Thursday, June 30th, the project also announced that its own game launcher became available. This means that users will be able to easily download and install the game directly from the MyNeighborAlice website as soon as the game itself launches and becomes available. There will be no need to set up an account on a central distribution platform.

The project did note that a Windows PC will be required in order to install the launcher. The announcement also contains detailed steps on how to install the launcher, create an account, and log in. Of course, the project also stressed that users should remember that this is just an Alpha test, and that the game itself is currently still under development. There are bound to be some things that require more polishing and work, and throughout the rest of the development period, the devs will likely add new features, mechanics, systems, and even design.

But, with that said, the project is still highly appreciative of any feedback, suggestions, and ideas that could help improve the game. It invited the community to freely share which parts it liked or didn’t like, and which aspects of the game it wishes to see more of. And, of course, reporting any bugs that players encounter while testing out the game will also be highly appreciated.

Users can use the feedback button in the top-left corner while inside the game to send feedback.

Lastly, the project also launched its Discord server on June 30th, for the purpose of growing its community and creating a place for its members to join up, share their experiences, thoughts, screenshots of their games, and more. This marks an important milestone for MyNeighborAlice, but unfortunately, its price did not react to it due to another strong wave of the bear market, which actually pushed the ALICE token’s value down at the start of July.

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