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MyNeighborAlice Offers the First Look at the Gameplay of Alpha Season 1



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MyNeighborAlice, a long-anticipated metaverse game, finally launched its Alpha Season 1, as well as its game’s launcher, both of which became available at the same time. As a result, the project is now offering the first look at the gameplay of its highly popular creation.

The Alpha Season 1 is out

After the metaverse became a major trend in late 2021, there have been numerous projects that emerged in this sector, and most of them are in some way related to the gaming industry. When it comes to MyNeighborAlice, the project is developing a metaverse game inspired by a popular game called Animal Crossing. The two share a number of similarities, such as allowing the player to start with their own island, collect resources from the world, and then use them to build new items, decorate their island, and alike.

Animal Crossing has always been perfect for relaxation and creativity, and MyNeighborAlice is likely aiming for the same effect. However, being a blockchain-based game, the island needs to be purchased in the shape of an NFT, and it also features Play-To-Earn (P2E) elements that allow users to obtain rewards in exchange for playing and participating in various contests and alike.

Now, the project finally launched Alpha Season 1, and it offered a live demo of the game for the broader community, announcing the live for today, July 8th, from 16:55 to 17:05 CET.

In a separate Medium post, the game’s developers announced that they are excited to finally be able to showcase the game and see the members of the community play it and enjoy the things that have been implemented thus far. The game offers a variety of activities, and players can go explore the world of Lummelunda, or simply engage in one of these simple activities, such as fishing.

What is known about Alpha Season 1?

According to the announcement, the Alpha Season was named the Season of the Timber Coast. It offers new graphics that will allow players to experience the game’s nature and visuals of the island in a way never seen before. The new release introduced the ability to fish, with each island of the Lummelunda archipelago now having its own set of fish, thus providing players with a completely unique experience.

At the moment, there are 5 different types of habitats, as well as 5 different types of bait. As for the fish itself, there are 45 different species that can be found in salt, fresh, or brackish water. The fish differ from species to species, with some eating pretty much anything, while others are very picky and require a specific bait, and it will be up to the players to figure out how to deal with each kind of fish.

Finally, the project invited players to provide any feedback, suggestions, or ideas for improvement. And, of course, any bugs or glitches that they run into should also be reported, as fixing them will severely improve user experience going forward.

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