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InvestReady tackles Investor Onboarding with ‘Instant Income’

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Instant Income

InvestReady has recently announced the launch of a new solution known as ‘Instant Income’. With the continued growth of the digital securities sector, the importance of investor verification and accreditation services has become increasingly important.

Instant Income addresses this through established partnerships, allowing for the investor onboarding process to be cut down to a process taking mere minutes.

API by Verix

The launch of Instant Income was made possible not only due to hard on the part of InvestReady, but through the integration of outside services. More specifically, this refers to software developed by Verix.

Referred to as a ‘tax return transcript API’, this provides users (InvestReady), with the ability to immediately access IRS tax data. This is important for investor onboarding, as it provides InvestReady with a more thorough look at the eligibility of said investors.

*An API refers to an ‘Application Program Interface’. An API enforces pre-set rules for outside interaction with a platform*


Upon announcing ‘Instant Income’, representatives from a variety of companies that have worked with InvestReady took the time to comment. The following is what both InvestReady and a few of these companies had to say.

Adrian Alvarez, CEO of InvestReady, states,

“The ability to verify users within seconds at scale is a huge step forward for this industry and will open the doors for more issuers to utilize the 506c exemption given that this eliminates the huge barrier of compliance time delays for both issuers and investors.”

Ben Prawdzik, CEO of Verix, states,

Our Partnership with InvestReady is a great step forward in our mission to build the future of financial identity verification. Verix offers effectively 100% VOI coverage in the US, real-time data, and deep detail across all income types (W-2, 1099, K-1, and more). InvestReady’s focus on building the best technology offering in their industry fits perfectly with our long term goals and we’re very excited to help power their instant income service.”

Jimmy Bingham, SVP of PrimeTrust, states,

“As we enter this new Era of on-demand digital real estate investing, the demand for better automation with increased speed to market capabilities is not only desired but one of necessity. InvestReady’s Instant Income service is another big upgrade for the industry in general and will directly improve, not to mention simplify, the investor experience. The industry now has an end-to-end turn-key accreditation service that provides the speed we need, the compliance we require, and low per unit costs. It’s the ultimate trifecta.”


Launched in 2013, InvestReady is a U.S. based company which maintains headquarters in Miami, Florida. In the time since their launch, the company has managed to develop a variety of solutions surrounding both the verification and accreditation of investors. The advent of blockchain has seen InvestReady establish various in-roads into the industrys, where their services are in high demand.

CEO, Adrian Alvarez, currently oversees company operations.

In Other News

Beyond the announcement of ‘Instant Income’, InvestReady has continued their work towards increased adoption. This was recently demonstrated in a partnership with Vertalo, which is discussed in the following article.

Vertalo and InvestReady to Address Verification / Accreditation