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Investing In Troy Trade (TROY) – Everything You Need to Know

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Troy Trade (TROY) operates as a crypto broker service provider and asset management system. The network specializes in providing decentralized options to institutional clients and professional traders via a variety of smart hybrid assets. In this way, Troy Trade seeks to improve the crypto experience for investors everywhere.

Notably, the network offers a full range of trading services and management products in an open manner. The protocol has received continued support from traders and major investment firms including Credit Suisse, CITIC Group, and more. Recently, the platform introduced its largest upgrade yet – TROY 2.0.

What Problems Does Troy Trade Attempt to Fix?

There are some serious concerns this network helps to tackle in the market. For one, the platform provides a selection of digital assets, such as derivatives, that deliver firms exposure to crypto assets without the need to hold crypto directly. For large hedge funds and other groups that are worried about later regulatory bite back or a lack of legal framework, this is a great way to still profit from market movements.

Troy Trade (TROY) - Twitter

Troy Trade (TROY) – Twitter

Lack of Reliable Data Feeds

Another major concern for Dapp developers is a lack of reliable data streams. Data streams have become a core component of the ecosystem with developers using this timely information to provide a new level of convenience and responsiveness to the market. The protocol provides secure and dependable access to a variety of data feeds.

Security Concerns

There has been a lack of security in terms of storage when discussing crypto protocols. Many networks still operate in a custodial manner, meaning that your coins need to be uploaded to their platform to participate in their features. Troy Trade raises the bar in terms of security with the introduction of cold wallet support.

Cold wallets are storage devices that keep your crypto offline. This approach is the most secure because there is no way for hackers to gain access to your funds. Additionally, many of these devices require you to press a physical button to approve transactions. Even the greatest hacker in the world is unable to press a physical button without having the device in hand.

Benefits of Troy

There are a lot of benefits that users get to enjoy. For one, the network provides up-to-the-minute blockchain and market data to users. This timely information can help you to stay ahead of the trends and avoid any potential losses. The entire system was designed to improve efficiency, profitability, and security. The network integrates a host of hybrid assets that provide full inclusivity to the market.


Troy Trade is a great selection for new users and skilled traders alike. The protocol provides a full suite of products to empower traders to improve their ROIs. This all-inclusive approach streamlines the onboarding process for users because they don’t have to learn multiple platforms to secure passive returns.

Trader Options

Another reason why so many people have changed to Troy Trade is the plethora of features the network provides. The CEX offers both spot and margin trading. The network also supports leveraged trading, derivatives, and advanced DeFi protocols. This approach makes Troy Trade a wise addition to any trader’s strategy.

Low-Risk Passive Income

Passive income is key to securing your financial future. The network introduces multiple ways for users to secure low-risk passive income streams without risking their original assets. The network supports both staking and p2p lending currently. The system introduces a new feature called Flexible Earn. This service enables users to claim rewards while still retaining their right to move their assets to more profitable options.

Investing in TROY Trade (TROY) - Everything You Need to Know

Investing in Troy Trade (TROY) – Everything You Need to Know

How Does Troy Trade Work?

Troy Trade leverages a decentralized framework to provide responsive crypto brokerage services to the market. The protocol combines a CEX (centralized exchange), a purpose-built cryptocurrency, and a liquidity aggregator to improve returns. Here are some of the core components of the network.


TROY Swap provides users with a secure protocol to exchange digital assets in a scalable manner. The CEX operates as an aggregated centralized trading platform. As a CEX, you will need to allow it custody of your tokens to trade. TROY Swap users pay trading fees using the network's utility token TROY.

Liquidity Aggregator

Users enjoy more liquidity due to the protocol’s aggregation services. The platform was designed to derive liquidity from a variety of locations across the market. The network taps into DEXs, CEXs, liquidity pools, and more to accomplish this task.


Those seeking access to the protocol’s data services can use the TROY Data features. This protocol provides in-depth and timely analytics. Users can leverage these services to gain more understanding into particular blockchains, or the market as a whole. Dapp developers can tie into these feeds to create more helpful platforms.


TROY is the main utility token for the Troy Trade project. The token has a limited supply of 10,000,000,000. It serves multiple roles in the network. It’s the main utility, governance, and rewards token.


Troy Trade entered the market in 2018 as a global brokerage. From day one the network saw support from well-known players in the financial sector. One of the main reasons that the project received such favorable support was that the project's team consisted of skilled developers from CITIC Group, HTX, OKEX, and MIT

Troy Trade leveraged this good press to secure major partnerships across the market. The platform has strategic partnerships with Binance, SIGNUM Capital -ConsensusLAB, AlphaCoinFund, and BlockVC. Additionally, the ecosystem continues to see growing adoption from both users and developers.

How to Buy Troy Trade (TROY)

Currently, Troy Trade (TROY) is available for purchase on the following exchanges.

Binance – Best for Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK and most of the world. USA residents are prohibited from purchasing most tokens. Use Discount Code: EE59L0QP for 10% cashback off all trading fees. – This exchange was established in 2013, and is one of the more popular & reputable exchanges. currently accepts most international jurisdictions including Australia & the UK.  USA & Canada residents are prohibited.

Troy Trade (TROY) – Top Features and Cold Wallet Support

The combination of features offered by Troy Trade makes it an excellent alternative for anyone seeking to join the crypto movement in a buffered way. The protocol enables you to trade crypto and derivatives making it ideal for large firms. These features make Troy Trade a powerful tool for crypto users seeking more flexibility.

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