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Finoa to Custody Security Tokens Issued through Black Manta Capital Partners

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Custody Solutions

Every token needs a home; Whether it be a utility token, security token, or somewhere in between.  Recognizing this, Black Manta Capital Partners (BMCP), have recently established a new partnership with Finoa.

This partnership will see the pair work together, moving forward, as Finoa will provide custodial services for security tokens issued through BMCP.

With a focus on serving institutional clients, Finoa is well suited to handlethe types of assets BMCP deals with.

German Progress

With each, BMCP and Finoa, being based in Germany, we thought it prudent to shed light on some of the regulatory progress being made within the nation;  More specifically, regulation pertaining to digital assets.

While banks may continue restricting access to services for companies affiliated with blockchain, there has been positive progress made.  It was this March in which BaFin clarified the ability for crypto custodians to operate without using depository banks.  To learn more about what this means, check out the following article.

Germany – Crypto custody License Receives Push-back from Banks


Upon making their announcement, representatives from each, BMCP and Finoa, took the time to comment.

Christian Platzer, Co-Founder, and Managing Partner, at BMCP, stated,

“Germany’s crypto custody legislation triggered a wide range of service providers in the digital assets space to apply for a BaFin licence. The German legislation was a crucial step to bring the confidence and liquidity of professional players to the space. In Finoa we see a team that is not only well positioned to cater to the high end investor class, but who bring also a mindset to the table that will be needed to develop this rapidly emerging market.”

Christopher May, Co-Founder, and Managing Director, at Finoa, stated,

“We are pleased to support the growth of the token economy by partnering with Black Manta Capital Partners for the Tigris S17A project and are looking forward to many further exciting projects along the line.”

Speaking with Christian

In our on-going interview series, we were fortunate to have recently completed an exclusive discussion with BMCP cofounder, Christian Platzer.

In this discussion, we learn more about, not only BMCP, but Christian himself, and how each found their way to digital securities.

Interview Series – Christian Platzer, Cofounder & Managing Parnter of BMCP


Founded in 2018, Finoa, maintains headquarters in Berlin, Germany.  Above all, the company provides services geared towards the management of digital assets, such as security tokens.

Managing Directors, Christopher May and Henrik Gebbing, currently oversee company operations.

Black Manta Capital Partners

Founded in 2018, Black Manta Capital Partners (BMCP), maintains headquarters in Berlin, Germany.  The team at BMCP has made it their mission to develop a comprehensive suite of services, built around the needs of the burgeoning digital securities sector.

Managing Partners, Alexander Rapatz and Christian Platzer, currently oversee company operations.

In Other News

Beyond the news discussed here today, we have featured BMCP here at on multiple occasions.  One such example highlights the recent tokenization of German real estate – the same tokenization which led to the creation of the tokens being custodied with the help of Finoa.  Make sure to peruse this article, to learn more about the services that BMCP offers.

Black Manta capital Partners Tokenizes $12M of German High-End Real Estate