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Dash (DASH) Teams up With Crypto Gummies to Promote Its New Product

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The crypto industry has managed to grow and touch nearly every industry under the sky. While some of the partnerships that digital currencies managed to establish are proving to be major game-changers, others are just as important, but in a different, more fun way.

Dash’s recent partnership could be considered as one of the latter. The project announced on its Twitter that it teamed up with Crypto Gummies — an FDA-approved, 0% THC, organic CBD made for this specific industry.

The crypto project pointed out that this might be a good solution for certain people, who may be stressed from the crypto lifestyle, and given the recent price crashes that dominated January 2022, it is likely that quite a few people in the sector are on edge as of late.

What is Crypto Gummies?

Crypto Gummies is a company that created the product — Crypto Gummies Variety Pack — which DASH decided to promote. Crypto Gummies responded to Dash’s tweet, saying that it is excited to have it as a partner. Furthermore, the company pointed out that these are vegan Crypto Gummies, and that they are available for users whenever they need them.

As part of its announcement, Dash (DASH) also noted that users can get a $10 discount if they use code DASHGOODVIBES, and finally, that it is even possible to pay for Crypto Gummies with DASH.

As for Crypto Gummies itself, the product has a mission to raise funds for investing in bees habitat restoration and community education projects. As for the company, it has its own goal, which is to become a brand label known for the highest quality products that do no harm.

Crypto Gummies Variety Pack has 30-count bottles that include three formulations of vegan real fruit concentrate zero THC Hemp oil distillate gummies.

Why did Dash partner with Crypto Gummies?

So, why did Dash decide to team up with the project? Crypto Gummies provided the answer on its own. Apparently, Dash decided that this can be a delicious way to support its growing community. These days, with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging throughout the world, there are plenty of remote workers. Not to mention work-from-home communities, including Dash’s own community.

Dash can now not only help support these members of its community, but also help them find a way to relax and enjoy their day after spending hours and hours working from home. On top of that, it can maximize cost-savings, and give users back value from their purchases.

Unfortunately, the partnership announcement did not do much to improve DASH’s price. The coin saw a strong price drop around January 20th, which took it from $134 to $90 in only a few hours. By January 24th, DASH dropped even further, nearly reaching $80. However, by the end of that day, it also recovered back to the lower $90 range, which is where it remains even now, January 26th.

At the time of writing, DASH’s price sits at $92.30, after growing by 1.27% in the last 24 hours. Weekly, however, the coin is still 28.79% down, and it will take a strong rally for it to recover from a crash that it saw a week ago.

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