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CurveBlock Accepted into Accelerator Program by National Westminster Bank

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Real-Estate and blockchain firm, CurveBlock, has announced their acceptance into an accelerator program. While this is fantastic news for the company, it is especially interesting because this particular program is hosted by NatWest – a U.K. based commercial bank.

Big banks have traditionally distanced themselves from blockchain-based endeavours such as this. Acceptance into their program points to a warming sentiment towards blockchain technology.

Perhaps this acceptance has come due to CurveBlock utilizing digital securities, rather than utility tokens. This choice allows for CurveBlock to function in a compliant manner, with existing regulations, in a variety of jurisdictions.

CurveBlock functions by developing properties with funds raised through investors. These investors are compensated with digital securities, entitling them to a share of profits seen from the properties upon completion.

Accelerator Programs

For those unaware of what accelerator programs are, they are simple to understand. These programs, often structured around a specific field such as blockchain, provide a select few with access to various services.

These services, which may range from access to business connections and mentorship, are offered with a goal of accelerating the growth of the program participants.

An accelerator program is often populated by companies in the middle stages of their growth. These are not incubator programs, which are normally targeted towards very early-stage companies.


In their press release, CurveBlock CEO, Gary Woodhead, took the time to comment on their acceptance within the program. The following is what he had to say on this development.

“Real estate development has historically been the playground of the rich…CurveBlock aims to break that mold by bringing real estate development as an investment option to the masses so the mainstream market can participate in the single largest wealth-creating asset class in history.”

“Banks have always been the stumbling block at the early stages in real estate development. CurveBlock is removing banks from this choke point by being a fully liquid company that can take advantage of all opportunities, regardless whether banks are loaning money or not. We are happy to partner with NatWest bank for the sales side of development.”

“CurveBlock has expert teams in place, which includes identifying opportunities for short & long-term real estate development…We have STO attorneys for the compliant security token structure and a development team to work on the smart contract and platform build out.”


CurveBlock is a young company, which was founded in 2018. They maintain headquarters in West Yorkshire. Under the watch of CEO, Gary Woodhead, CurveBlock strives, above all, to fuse two industries – Blockchain and Real Estate.

In Other News

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