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Top 10 Cool Crypto Gadgets You Want



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There are many reasons why you would want to learn about the top 10 cool crypto gadgets and how they can make your life a little sweeter. Many people focus on the technical and financial aspects of this technology. However, there is a more light-hearted side that seeks to support the blockchain revolution via entertainment, fashion, and décor.

Creatives have long been on a journey to introduce more helpful and exciting crypto gadgets. All of the items on this list are sure to interest the crypto aficionado in you. Here are some cool crypto gadgets to make your day more exciting, in no particular order.

1. Netgear Meural Canvas II Digital Frame

Non-fungible token collectors will enjoy the Netgear Meural Canvas II digital frame. This high-tech digital display combines a quality look and feel with advanced technology that empowers collectors to share their NFTs with the world.

The Netgear Meural Canvas II pushes the boundaries of convenience by introducing gesture and voice controls. Now, you can scroll through your NFT collections simply by swiping your hands or telling the frame to show the next token. This feature brings a lot to the table, as it's got to be impressive to simply swipe through your collection.

Source - Netgear

Source – Netgear

The Netgear Meural Canvas II comes in multiple sizes to meet your needs. The unit has a matt finish that gives the screen a non-reflective surface that makes it easy to view your tokens from any angle. Additionally, your images look vibrant thanks to the vivid colors and auto-adjust features.

This device enables you to load NFTs in a variety of ways. You can use an ethernet, Wi-Fi, or even an SD card to get the job done. Additionally, the unit supports using a swivel mount for easy mounting. All of these features come at a price point of $549.99.

2. Tokenframe 21.5 TFT Display

Another cool NFT frame that makes the list is the Token Frame 21.5 TFT display. This unit leverages built-in Wi-Fi to provide you with wireless connectivity. Additionally, it's packed with some unique features that make it stand out against the growing competition.

Tokenframe owners enjoy access to the project's mobile setting app. This app enables you to adjust everything about your display with ease. You can select the NFT collections, set the times you want the display active, and even connect your display to others to create a rolling art gallery that follows you from room to room.

The Tokeframe product line supports all aspect ratios, which means that your NFT will not need to be cropped to fit without borders. This is a huge plus, as many competitors simply add black boxes on the side of your image to accommodate images that don’t meet their perspectives.

Another awesome feature is the speakers. Many NFTs today are video or audio files. Tokenframe II includes built-in speakers and a headphone jack to support these tokens. When you combine all of these options with a swivel swivel mount, automatic orientation, and many other features, the $777 price tag becomes more reasonable.

3. D’CENT Biometric Wallet

When you think of futuristic technologies, the top 3 that come to mind for many people are AI, blockchain tech, and biometrics. The D'CENT Biometric hardware wallet hits two of the three high-tech checklists. This ultra-secure hardware wallet option introduces a fingerprint scanner to the approval process.

This approach brings with it many advantages. You don’t have to worry about someone accessing your wallet without your permission. Even with your passcode, you're safe. Additionally, you can forgo the passcode and simply rely on your biometrics as your key, which helps reduce the number of codes you need to remember.

This secure hardware wallet option incorporates a portfolio management suite that streamlines the management of +3k cryptos over 59 blockchains. Additionally, you can host 80 separate addresses, making it ideal for privacy-focused traders.

The D'CENT wallet features an easy-to-navigate screen and four-button layout that simplifies one-handed operation. Additionally, the device supports Bluetooth connectivity and NFTs. For $139, this crypto gadget is a great addition.

4. CryptoGadgets e-Ink Ticker

The multipurpose BTC e-ink Ticker V3 from CryptoGadgets provides you with a unique way to keep up to date on all the latest market movements. The e-ink screen gives it a fluid appearance that makes it easy to see the details you need from +600 cryptocurrencies. You can also use the screen to see other vital data such as weather, social media stats, etc.

The device features a built-in WiFi receiver that lets you use it without connecting to your computer. Keenly, You can set the update intervals to meet your needs. You can even set it to scroll through your top coins using the telegram bot.

You're not limited to basic data. The 2.13-inch 248*122 power-efficient e-ink displays can support a wide selection of data points. Some widgets show countdowns until the Bitcoin halvings, candlestick charts of assets, and other technical data in near real-time.  The low power requirements also mean that 3xAA batteries keep the device operating for months.

The Crypto Gadgets e-ink Ticker V3 is 3-D printed using biodegradable materials as part of the company's commitment to sustainability. There are multiple styles, and crypto logos are even available. For under $100, this crypto gadget can turn your desk into a blockchain info space.

5. Heatbit Smart Heater with Bitcoin Mining

Anyone familiar with Bitcoin mining can attest to the amount of heat it produces. When a miner begins attempting the SHA-256 consensus algorithms, it creates a lot of computational power. The side effect of this process is a lot of unwanted computer heat.

The Heatbit Smart heater takes this concept and reverses it. It makes the heat the primary objective of the device and makes the miner the secondary concern. This sleek heating device can keep a 170 sq ft room feeling toasty while securing Bitcoin’s blockchain.

The smart heater integrates a HEPA filtration system to remove allergens and other harmful airborne pollutants from your environment. Additionally, its multiple heat sensors and unique design make it much quieter than its competitors.

The Heatabit smart heater features a vibrant display that provides real-time data, including air quality and temperature settings. Notably, the miner can run 14 TH/s while consuming only 1.4kW of power. For $799, the device provides multiple essential services for any true Bitcoiner.

6. Solana Saga

The Solana Saga is a blockchain-powered smartphone that continues to gain attention for its combination of crypto-friendly features and connection to the Solana ecosystem. This purpose-built blockchain device was designed from the ground up to support web3 activities, including crypto transactions.

Source - Solana Mobile

Source – Solana Mobile

The Saga features a durable design that incorporates a stainless steel frame and titanium accents. The device has a ceramic backing that adds to its quality feel alongside a 6.67″ FHD+ AMOLED screen. This large screen makes using the 50MP primary and 12MP ultrawide dual cameras on the back easy.

The Solana Saga is packed with crypto-friendly features, including a cold storage hardware wallet. Additionally, the device can interact directly with Solana Dapps and all compatible crypto wallets. Notably, the device also supports Seed Vault, which improves your security.

The Solana Saga leverages fingerprint sensors to streamline the transaction process further by letting you use it to sign off on transactions and logins. This process eliminates the need to remember endless passwords. Nowadays, getting your hands on one of these devices is tricky, but you can preorder V2 for $500, and by 2025, you should get your device.

7. ethOS Phone

The ethOS Phone project is a unique exploration into creating blockchain-powered mobile operating systems on Ethereum. The project is open source and can be loaded on a variety of approved phones. However, the best option for non-technical users is to order the phone they offer, a Google Pixel variant.

The phone will come with all your favorite features, but they are all decentralized. For example, there is a decentralized messaging app that enables you and your friends to communicate in a censorship-resistant and private manner. There is also a system-level wallet, which improves security.

The ethOS project integrates a Light Node protocol as part of its strategy, This approach connects the devices directly to the Ethereum mainnet. As such, you enjoy full compatibility within the Ethereum DeFi and Dapp ecosystem.

This cool crypto gadget is a great example of how creative minds can come together to bring the entire industry forward. The open nature of the project and the ability to order a phone that is already set up and ready to go make it a cool opportunity and a sweet gadget for any blockchain aficionado.

8. Avvenire Terra

The Avvenire Terra is one of many cool gadgets that this innovative firm has plans to release to the public. Everywhere you go, e-bikes seem to be taking over, and for good reason: they are easy to operate, cost less, more environmentally sustainable, and portable. If those weren't enough reasons to get you onboard, now they can earn crypto.

The Avvenire Terra project is the first blockchain-enabled smart bike to hit the pre-order stage. This unique vehicle connects to the Daymak Drive X EV technology suite, providing access to a host of helpful features. These options include navigation, geofencing, Dapp participation, and remote/emergency shut-off.

You can secure crypto while you traverse the city using The RidePoints E-Bike Reward Program. This system provides a high level of personalization and can enable future data for rewards services. The bike also features a vibrant LED display and can connect to your smartphone.

The tech is impressive on this device, but the durability and quality are also high. The bike has thick tires that can handle off-roading and can go around 60 miles on a single charge. Also, it trickle-charges using built-in solar panels, Bluetooth speakers, and high-quality suspension. You get an eco-friendly and blockchain-capable voyager for a price tag of $3495.

9. Avvenire Spiritus

The Avvenire Spiritus takes the same concepts of the Terra and leverages their usefulness on an EV. This high-performance vehicle can be placed on pre-order and comes in two configurations to meet your needs. Notably, both feature solar trickle charging, and both can be set up to mine PoW and validate PoS networks.

The base model Spiritus retails for around $22k and has a range of 249m. The two 150kW motors offer 204 HP to get the vehicle up to 60mph in 5 seconds. The premium package retails for $149k and features a host of upgrades that will make any sports car fan blush, including a 0-60mph time of just 1.8 seconds.

The Avvenire Spritius has futuristic options such as autonomous driving, wifi, a 12-speaker surround sound system, built-in GPS, and an alarm. Those seeking a sporty EV to travel around town can find a Spritius to meet your needs.

10. Ledger Nano X

Hardware wallets are crypto gadgets everyone should own to protect their digital assets. These devices use an air gap to separate your crypto from online threats. As such, they are a crucial component of the market.

The Ledger Nano X is a small form crypto wallet offering many features that make it worth your wild. The device is small enough to comfortably fit in your pocket and can store thousands of different coins. Additionally, there’s a display that makes it easy to manage your assets.

The Nano Ledger X is the firm's latest update to their iconic wallet series. This device features a high-speed USB 2.0 port and a CC EAL5+ chip to protect your private keys. All of this security for $149 is a deal worth considering.

Cool Crypto Gadgets Make Us Smile

There are lots of cool crypto gadgets to keep you entertained in the market. These items help to build up momentum and demonstrate your commitment to the growing decentralized economy. As such, every item on this list is worth adding to any crypto enthusiast's wish list. What items would you add?

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