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Top 10  X (Twitter) Accounts to Help You Learn Chart Analysis



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Learn Chart Analysis

Researching the top 10 X (Twitter) accounts to Learn Chart Analysis can be a  great way to gain insight into technical trading. There are many different ways in which you can observe market trends, but technical analysis is often considered one of the best ways. These traders can help you to begin to break down charts and see patterns more easily. Here Are the top 10 X (Twitter) accounts to Learn Chart Analysis, in no particular order.

Fundamental vs. Technical Traders

Most traders can be categorized under fundamental or technical analysis categories. Either method may be good for you, depending on your strategy, preferences, and time to dedicate to the craft. The main difference between the two approaches is that fundamental traders attempt to determine an asset's intrinsic value, whereas technical traders leverage statistical trends.

Notably, technical trading is often considered more professional because it uses easier-to-access real-time data. In comparison, fundamental traders look at items such as financial statements, macroeconomic indicators, and even company news. This information is available but with a delay.

Source - CoinMarketCap - Learn Chart Analysis

Source: CoinMarketCap – BTC/USD

Technical analysis traders leverage readily available market data. These traders employ mathematical calculations based on market conditions to determine possibilities. They look at items such as the assets volume and performance metrics. Chart patterns are vital in this method since they're used to determine support and resistance. The goal of a technical trader is to recognize patterns to determine the next trend.

It Takes Practice to Learn Chart Analysis

Technical chart analysis can go as deep as your skill level permits. Consequently, you will find better results with more experience using these methods. Here are the top 10 X (Twitter) accounts to help you Learn Chart Analysis for free.

1. Rekt Capital @rektcapital

Rekt Capital has managed to secure a strong following thanks to his deep dives into technical chart analysis. Following Rekt Capital can help you to better understand the terminology and processes involved in this style of trading. You will very quickly start to recognize how to find trend lines and how they relate to actions such as breakouts.

Rekt Capital also takes some time to go into market cycles. Specifically, he has posted technical reviews on the last few Bitcoin halving cycles and their retrace recently. While no one can determine what the market will do with 100% accuracy, Rekt Capital will help you recognize long-term and short-term cycles in the Bitcoin market. You can check out his free newsletter here.

2. Omz @omzcharts

Omz is another account that provides in-depth chart analysis. Omz can help you to understand better how shorts work and how they affect the market. The account also helps you to better comprehend how to set entry and exit points in your strategy.

Omz explains how they manage their risk using analysis, which can help you get better results in the future. You will also see the importance of setting rules and sticking to them, such as exiting after the market provides quick results following entry. Omz also has a discord account with additional chart analysis details for those who want to learn more.

3. ApeChartz @ApeChartz

ApeChartz provides a unique view of the market conditions and possible trends using a combination of technical analysis and personal concepts. This account helps you to see how to short more efficiently and other key skills like spotting resistance levels. You can track accounts with ApeChartz to see their process and expectations.

One of the best aspects of ApeChartz’s approach is that they often display a keen sense of patience when determining the best entry points. In some posts, he will explain the urge to enter but delay the decision. Watching his patience can help you to reduce emotion in your personal strategy.

4. TheoTrader @theo_crypto99

TheoTrader can help you to understand how the macro environment affects your results. This account will use day trader terminologies such as HTF (High Time Frame) and LFT (Low Time Frame) when discussing possible options, which will help expand your vocabulary. Notably, HTF trades are good for long-term and swing methods, whereas LTF is designed for scalp traders.

TheoTrader provides insight into their thinking by providing valuable data, such as if they expect the asset to retrace or make a run. Like ApeChartz, they also delve into the importance of waiting for the prime to execute. As such, you can see how certain signals lead to possible returns when set up correctly.

5. Crypto Devil @CryptoDevil9

Crypto Devil may not have hundreds of thousands of followers, but they do provide interesting analysis of market charts. These technical charts help you to grasp the concepts of descending channels, breakouts, and leveraging tools such as the 20d EMA to improve results.

Source - X

Source: X @CryptoDevil9

Crypto Devil will expand your understanding of certain tools, such as the RSI and candle stick patterns. Since this account focuses mainly on altcoins, you get a perspective that is different from many other traders. Additionally, Crypto Devil helps you to understand how altcoin movements affect the Bitcoin market.

6. Northstar @NorthstarCharts

Northstar seeks to guide his followers using sound scientific methods. This trader focuses on macroeconomics and technical analysis, which has helped the account secure +80k followers. Northstar offers multi-asset analysis that can help you understand how each market interacts with others.

Additionally, Northstar focuses on a variety of asset classes. Following their methods, you can learn about crypto, stock, and commodity trading. Additionally, he leverages various trading tools to help determine the best entry, risk management strategy, and time to take profits.

7. Mr. Anderson @TrueCrypto28

Mr. Anderson has helped many of his +195K followers learn more effective market analysis using trading tools and strategies that work. This trader provides insight into past market conditions and how to not miss future opportunities by determining setups.

You will soon be referencing the trendline of wicks, failure flips, and other candlestick analysis methods to improve your results. This trader will also help you to see how certain candlestick patterns are not always good, depending on where they fall in the trading channel.

8. “Coosh” Alemzadeh @Alemzadehc

Coosh is another account that offers insight into using market backtesting to spot patterns more easily. He will introduce you to the concept of cycle counts and other trading methods that new users may not be leveraging in their approach. Coosh has some highly insightful chart analysis that will help you learn and recognize potential swings.

His chart breakdowns include detailed descriptions that include vital data such as preliminary support lines, selling climaxes, automatic rallies, and changing support. These charts make it easier to recognize signs of strength or weakness in an asset based on its support levels. For new traders, these skills are paramount to success.

9. Filbfilb @filbfilb

Filbfilb is another top-performing trader on X that offers in-depth modeling and insight into assets. He will often delve into price assumptions made by others using technical analysis to determine price curves and other details that will improve your understanding of trading principles. From there, he will break down his thoughts on the price precision and its supporting evidence in either direction.

FilbFilb introduces you to new charting methods, such as the Monte Carlo random walk, which simulates possible trajectories using pricing history. This strategy provides a scope of future possibilities, making it easier to determine your success as the market moves can be compared to the possible outcomes in real time.

10. Crypto Rand @crypto_rand

Crypto Rand has a strong following thanks to their charting analysis of altcoins. This trader posts charts daily and provides you with what indicators to look for and the effects to expect after they are hit. Their chart analysis is simple and effective which makes it ideal for those seeking less technical, technical analysis.

Crypto Rand can help you see asset consolidation after breakouts and other helpful movements. They also keep an eye on major whale alerts as they occur. Large traders called whales can have a resounding effect on an asset depending on their actions. As such, it's smart to monitor them when determining potential market actions.

Advice, not a Roadmap

Notably, technical trading is a skill that requires time and effort to learn. The accounts here often disagree on their outlooks because they use different methods. As a trader who seeks more insight, being able to see their perspectives and trades can help you too develop your personal strategy more effectively. You shouldn't take these accounts as guides on how to trade, but simply as a way to gain perspective into the skill of technical analysis and the many different ways to apply it to real market conditions.

The Top 10 X (Twitter) Accounts to Learn Chart Analysis

Now that you have some interesting crypto chart analysis accounts to follow, you will find it easier to break down technical data yourself. The goal should be to learn many different methods of accomplishing this task to create a common trend. Once you have this skill, you will find that your trades don’t rely on any emotion at all.

To continue learning, make sure to check out the Top 10 Crypto Trading Tools You Need to Know.

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