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Breaking Down Tokenisation in Europe

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Tokenisation within Europe

Tokenisation and issuance platform, Fintelum, has recently released their findings into various aspects of blockchain adoption throughout Europe.

The team at Fintelum poured through public records in an effort to gain a better understanding of where adoption is occurring, and the success rates of STOs within the continent.

For additional statistics generated by Fintelum, regarding the state of STOs in Europe, click HERE.

Hot Beds

Various nations within Europe have found themselves as growing hotbeds for blockchain development and adoption. While Europe is home to scores of forward thinking nations, the following infographic visually demonstrates a select few at the helm of the industry.

*Infographic provided by Fintelum*

Unsurprisingly, Switzerland is leading the charge. There is a reason that the city of Zug is commonly referred to as ‘crypto valley’. While Silicon Valley gained notoriety as a hotbed for tech development over the past 20 years, ‘crypto valley’ hopes to recreate this success with the burgeoning world of blockchain.

This region of Switzerland has become attractive to many companies within the industry, due to low business operating costs, and clear, friendly regulations laid out by governing bodies.

Breaking down the EU

Adoption does not always equate to success. While more companies are turning to blockchain based solutions for their problems, daily, there are many that have not been able to make the technology work for them. This is most evident when it comes to utilizing blockchain as a means for raising capital.

While 2017 saw the rise of the ICO, 2019 has seen a shift towards STO/DSOs. As conveyed through the following infographic, roughly ¼ of STOs have either failed or been cancelled for various reasons. Roughly 1/6 have proven to be successful, while those remaining have yet to see their fates decided.

*Infographic provided by Fintelum*

It is clear that after so many ICOs not delivering any products or services of value, despite raising vast sums, investors are becoming more scrupulous in their choices. This is, potentially, due to the type of investor involved, as most STOs are restricted to accredited investors only. A more educated investor pool has most likely played a role into the cancellation of 17% of STOs.


Fintelum maintains operations in Estonia, where they were founded in 2018. Above all, the team behind the project has set their sights on creating a suite of services facilitating the tokenisation on assets. This includes the development of framework for capital raising events, such as STOs/DSOs.

CEO, Liza Aizupiete, currently oversees company operations.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Liza Aizupiete, gaining insight into Fintelum operations and their goals for the future. Check out the following interview to learn more.

Interview Series – Liza Aizupiete, CEO of Fintelum

In Other News

Recognizing the potential of digital securities, Fintelum has been hard at work developing their tokenisation and issuance platform. The team recently released their groundwork for these services in a new whitepaper.

Fintelum Laying Groundwork for STO Implementation

Fintelum #TokeniseYourAssets Explainer

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