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Boostry iBet Website Release – Nomura




Nomura Boostry iBet

This week, Asian securities investors got some great news after Nomura announced the release of the Boostry-powered iBet website. Boostry is a next-generation crowdfunding platform aimed at simplifying the Asian security token issuance and exchange process. The news showcases an expansion of the token issuance market, as well as, growing interests for digital assets in the region.

The news of the iBet web launch came via a Twitter post. iBet is the firm's open-source security token specific launch platform. The software allows other developers to test, secure, and utilize the protocol in the construction of additional blockchain projects.

iBet – Boostry

The iBet platform symbolizes this shift in focus by Nomura's executives. Today the company's focus is laying the infrastructure down to facilitate more security token usage in the coming months. This strategy is smart when you consider the overall positive sentiment towards blockchain technology in the region.


The Boostry token issuance platform is a joint venture between Nomura and its subsidiary, the Nomura Research Institution (NRI). Developers of the Boostry platform sought to create the infrastructure needed to facilitate the issuance and exchange of digital asset rights. Of these digital assets, security tokens are the platform's main focus.

Nomura via Twitter - Boostry

Nomura via Twitter – Boostry

Boostry Advanced Tech

The Boostry platform incorporates a number of advanced technologies such as blockchain to provide users with a streamlined trading and issuance protocol. News of the concept originally broke back on September 2 of this year. Since that time, the development of the project accelerated significantly.

Boostry Standardization

According to company executives, the eventual goal behind the Boostry concept is to standardized token templates and trading methods in the region. Importantly, the Boostry platform already supports a wide variety of tokens.

Nomura Holdings Inc.

Nomura Holdings is a publicly-traded Japanese financial holding company. The firm originally entered the securities markets back in 1925. Since then, the company has seen almost 100 years of expansion to its current pivotal position in the market. Today, the firm trades globally on six stock exchanges including the TYO and NYSE.

Nomura Financial Analysts

Nomura is an Asian financial analyst firm. The company plays an important role in the local market as it provides global economic insights. These statistics help large firms determine their next course of action. In this manner, Nomura helps to guide the course of the Hong Kong financial district.

Nomura's decision to go all-in on blockchain technology showcases the immense benefits such a transition brings. Now, the company wants to bring its hard work and costly research to the market for developers to expand on.

iBet Moving Forward

As the iBet website is now live, you can expect to see this platform boosted to the forefront of the local security token markets. Nomura has the positioning to get this platform in front of the developers and investors needed for a hasty adoption. As it stands now, Nomura's Boostry project appears to be a huge success.

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