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BatteryStorage – Buffering our Energy Demands

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BatteryStorage is a company based out of Malta, with operations in the United Kingdom.  They are a service that stores energy, and provides it to consumer’s on-demand.

As the world is turning away from fossil fuels, we are seeing an increasing dependence on renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power.  Unlike fossil fuels which can create energy supplies when needed, we cannot control the weather.  The wind blows when it blows, and the sun shines when it shines.  This means that power is often generated at times when there is no demand for it.  With massive growth in this sector, it often leads to a surplus of energy.

Striving for efficiency, companies such as BatteryStorage have formed, as they offer services to store energy surpluses.  By storing them, they are able to act as a buffer for energy demands, and deliver their stores during periods of high usage.

Even following this plan of action, there is often excess surplus that is going to waste.  It is with this surplus in mind that BatteryStorage intends to venture into cryptocurrency mining.  By utilizing excess energy, they will be able to increase profit margins.  Thereby, helping not only their bottom line, but that of their investors, all the while remaining a green facility.


To facilitate their expansion into cryptocurrency mining, BatteryStorage will be turning to a security token offering.  This will allow them to raise funds through accredited investors, while providing a lucrative opportunity to those interested.  BatteryStorage stresses that the benefits of this STO are not just for themselves, but for all.


  • Benefit from BatteryStorage profit sharing


  • Receive reliable energy, with predictable pricing and service


  • Increase dependence on renewable resources, while reducing dependence on fossil fuels

Energy Producers

  • Provides a solution for their surplus, while giving the incentive for more growth

Investors, in particular, will receive a proportionate share of revenue garnered by the various services that BatteryStorage offers.  This means both monthly dividends from mining revenue, and yearly dividends from energy sales.

Team BatteryStorage

Those at BatteryStorage have worked hard to bring the company to where it is today.  They have developed a network of partnerships which represent a combined net worth of over $14.75 million.  Here is a look at those in charge.

Arvydas Kazlauskas – Cofounder / Chief Business Development Officer

Stephen Bradley – Cofounder / Chief Executive Officer

Vaida Januska – Cofounder / Chief Operating Officer

Robert Miles – Chief Technology Officer

Jing Bal – Chief Investment Officer

Balys Kriksciunas – Chief Technology Officer

Going Green

This is not the first example of cryptocurrency mining outfits going green.  With such a critical eye constantly being cast towards the industry, and the associated energy requirements, endeavours such as these are important.

In recent weeks we have also reported on mining outfits, such as CoinMint, which utilize hydroelectric power for their mining.  Kinetic energy and lost power is everywhere around us.  The issue isn’t the power that cryptocurrency demands, it is the lack of efficiency seen throughout our current methods of energy creation.

As the world’s energy demands continue to grow, ideas such as the ones being demonstrated by companies like BatteryStorage and CoinMint will become increasingly important.


For full details of their proposed token, make sure to read the BatteryStorage executive summary HERE.

STO pitch by ROBERT MILES LLB | Battery Storage | Malta Blockchain Summit