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Axie Infinity to Host AxieCon, Featuring a Series of Tournaments



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Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the leading metaverse game, featuring creatures known as Axies that players can use to engage in battles and win AXS tokens when they win. However, Axie Infinity decided to offer a much better opportunity to earn money for its community by preparing a series of tournaments called the AxieCon.

According to the project’s recent announcement, AxieCon qualifiers will start in 22 days, so there is plenty of time left for players to train their Axies and prepare for the tournaments.

The project also shared a link to the event’s official page, featured on Community Gaming’s website. The website notes that there will be a total of three events, each of which will offer prizes for the winners. A total of $1 million was set aside as prize money.

What do we know about the tournaments?

As mentioned, there will be three tournaments in total — Axie Classic World Championship, Axie Origin BYOD Series, and Axie Origin Stadium Series. The first tournament will start on July 28th and end on September 10th, and it will offer a total of $500,000 in rewards. The other two will both start on September 7th and end on September 10th, with Axie Origin BYOD Series offering a total of $400,000 in rewards, while Axie Origin STADIUM Series will offer $100,000.

The announcement page further says that up to 64,000 players will be able to participate in qualifiers, which will be broken into two regions — East and West. The top 16 will receive a paid trip to Barcelona, Spain, to compete in the finals.

There will be four phases, and the qualifiers will take place between July 28th and August 21st, with the first phase being in the swiss style format. During this round, 32,000 players per region will participate, and only 1024 will pass to the second phase. After the second phase, only 16 will remain for the third phase, per region.

Then, the third phase will eliminate another half, leaving only 8 competitors for the finals, which is where 8 players from the West and 8 players from the East will battle it out and compete for the prizes from the $500,000 pool.

Axie Origin BYOD and Stadium series will be smaller tournaments, with the BYOD tournament being for ticket holders and the Stadium series being an open tournament for players of all skill levels, allowing them to compete and attempt to win rewards from the $100,000 prize pool. This tournament will be hosted across multiple heats throughout AxieCon.

With everyone being able to participate, the last player standing will have to go against the Axie Final Four, which is a team consisting of the Sky Mavis senior employees.

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