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Axie Infinity Becomes the New Largest NFT in 112 Nations



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Nothing is ever fixed in the blockchain industry, as different projects continue to evolve, launch new features and services, gain new use cases, and continue to thread the crypto sector with extreme competitiveness. To see evidence of this, look no further than Axie Infinity (AXS), which just replaced Decentraland (MANA) as the largest NFT in 112 countries.

While Decentraland held this position for a long time due to its early mover advantage and the fact that it has been in the metaverse sector long before the sector was even created — Axie Infinity managed to outperform it thanks to its innovative usage of this technology and simple, fun gameplay.

Axie Infinity becomes the new ruler of the NFT world

Axie Infinity’s approach to the metaverse differs from Decentraland’s quite a bit. Where Decentraland offers users to purchase digital plots of land and do whatever they want with them, including launch a business, develop software and games, or even organize digital events and meetups — Axie Infinity simply operates as a game.

It is a game that offers a vast world where players can acquire creatures called Axies, train them, upgrade them with new body parts, and even breed them to create — and either keep or sell — new Axies. However, the most intriguing part of the game is fighting other players, or rather, their Axies. The winner of each battle receives a reward in the form of AXS tokens, which means that players stand to earn by winning matches.

Of course, with each Axie being an NFT, it is not surprising that the game’s NFTs are performing extremely well.

Decentraland is not without support

However, with all that said, Axie Infinity’s NFTs rule is not absolute. They do dominate over Decentraland in plenty of nations, but that is not the case in the United States. In the US, Decentraland seems to be facing greater demand. Axie did outperform its competitor in as many as 112 other countries however, becoming the most searched and sought-after NFT in the crypto community.

Decentraland, on the other hand, dominates in only 43 countries, so it doesn’t see even a half of Axie Infinity-based demand on the global scale. In fact, in Oceania, Axie Infinity stands essentially unopposed. Naturally, there are other collections in the game, not just Axie and Decentraland. Sorare, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and Town Star are some examples. These are also collections that seem to be dominating a handful of countries in Africa.

However, they are nowhere near as large as Axie and Decentraland, while in this conflict – Axie is by far the more popular one.

Unfortunately, the two tokens’ prices have been reflecting this demand only partially. While both have seen significant growth when the market allowed it, the fact is that the bearish market is still quite strong, and it is holding the crypto industry as tightly as it did in the past eight months.

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