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Ankr Brings RPC to TRON to Support DApp Developers

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Ankr has announced a strategic partnership with the Tron network. This partnership seeks to support developers building within the Tron network by enabling them to access scalability, high throughput and security.

The Ankr protocol has shown great focus on Web3, and it plans for decentralization to be accessible to everyone. Through Web3, Ankr plans to lower costs and make it easy for people to access multiple blockchains seamlessly. Some of the processes streamlined through Ankr include deploying, staking and developer nodes.

Ankr partners with the Tron blockchain

The Ankr protocol has announced another strategic partnership with RPC within the Tron network. The move targets Tron developers who will benefit from a wide range of benefits such as scalability, higher throughput and allow decentralized application (DApp) developers to access security.

The other partnerships that have also been secured by Ankr include Mastercard and The Sacramento Kings (NBA team). The Harmony blockchain is also among the many projects that have already collaborated with Ankr to achieve scalability for their developers.

The Ankr network also focuses on creating high-quality multi-chain tools that can be used to develop the infrastructure needed for Web3 and be part of the decentralized economy. With Web3 becoming more mainstream, the Ankr protocol can record more partnerships in the future.

The latest partnership will allow users on the TRON network to access TRON Public and Premium RPCs, create request calls and receive information returns that reflect similar results like those generated when running their own node. Creating DApps on the Tron blockchain has also been recommended as it helps to mould a scalable solution, but it also requires the presence of DApps and access to information on TRON nodes.

The Ankr RPC solves a wide range of issues. One of these issues is removing the need for running complex nodes. Users will access the superior tools provided by the Ankr protocol, including advanced APIs, unlimited and prioritized requests, global node distribution and dedicated TRON endpoints.

The Ankr RPC will also allow a developer to interact with high performing nodes. These nodes contain the information needed to develop DApps and strengthen the TRON network. Independent and enterprise node operators will also be incentivized so that they can add their nodes to the load balancer.

The Ankr TRON Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) link to a user’s wallet, DApp or command-line interface within the TRON network. The RPCs are also used as a blockchain router or messenger to pass information between DApps, nodes, and end-users.

The TRON RPC endpoints can also be used as a gateway through which developers can interact directly with the TRON chain. TRON chain is a portal that supports seamless communication remotely. The communications are relayed without having to create their own TRON nodes through the DevOps.

Ankr offers a geo-distributed and decentralized TRON RPC that includes several independent blockchain nodes that run globally. The RPCs will provide low latency and foster reliable connections.

Growth of the TRON network

TRON ranks as one of the largest and most popular networks in the blockchain space. The project was released in 2017 in Singapore to develop an infrastructure that will support the functioning of a decentralized web. TRON’s founder, Justin Sun, is also one of the popular players in the crypto space.

TRON’s mission and that of Ankr are similar because they both focus on decentralization. The two have shown commitment towards developing a vast ecosystem that includes the layer one TRON Virtual Machine, DAO, DAppChain sidechains, and BitTorrent, a file-sharing service.

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