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AmaZix turns to KABN for Identification Services

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Onboarding Identification

In their experience dealing with security token offerings, KABN has noted the need for next-gen identification services. Through the creation, issuance, and management of digital securities, they are able to ensure that tokens remain compliant with regulations. The initial onboarding process, which ensures only appropriate investors gain access to these STOs, is lacking in sophistication.

This recognition led AmaZix to seek out KABN for their patent-pending identification services dubbed ‘KABN ID’. This pairing of companies announced their strategic partnership today.

While KABN ID is what drew AmaZix to their new partner, they have indicated that they intend to make use of the full suite of KABN services. This includes opening new avenues for market access through KABN’s ability to facilitate crypto-fiat transfers.


In their announcement, the CEOs of both KABN and AmaZix took the time to elaborate on this partnership.

Ben Kessler, CEO of KABN, stated,

“The overwhelming evidence justifies the need for closer scrutiny of processes and regulatory frameworks in token offerings, with the securitization of digital assets believed by many to be the natural progression for the space. It is a direction that AmaZix believes in and is working diligently towards, as demonstrated by their specialized advisory services and their partnership track record. We share their excitement and optimism for the industry’s future and look forward to collaborating.”

Jonas Karlberg, CEO of AmaZix, stated,

“Programmable regulatory compliance is a built-in feature with digital securities, ensuring the necessary KYC and AML processes are satisfied. But if STOs are to be the way forward, we have to analyze and consider the practical aspects of identity management on the blockchain, particularly with the growing debate surrounding privacy and the protection of personal data in the era of GDPR…And this is where we believe KABN’s solutions for token offering verification are technically appropriate for securing accreditation and will allow for responsible and compliant KYC processes. In addition, its neo financial services like its branded Visa prepaid card and banking wallet will give users an additional aspect that bridges the world of traditional and alternative finance, allowing them to use and spend crypto with more ease.”


AmaZix is a Hong Kong based company that was established in 2017. Above all, AmaZix functions as a consultation firm, focusing on the burgeoning digital securities sector. In their short time within the industry, they have been wildly successful – helping to raise over $1.3 billion for over 100 companies.


KABN is a Vancouver based company that was founded in 2017. Under the guidance of CEO, Ben Kessler, KABN has gone on to develop a suite of services aimed towards the digital securities sector. These range from their flagship identification service, to a crypto based debit card, and loyalty program.

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