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Who is Brille24?

Based out of Germany, Brille24 is big player in the global optical industry.  They were founded in 2007, and in the time since have developed into innovators in AI and online commerce.  Looking to continue this trend of innovation, the team at Brille24 is turning to blockchain.

What is the problem?

The process of testing one’s eyes, selecting glasses, and having them fitted, does not lend itself well to online sales.  Sure, someone can easily select a set of glasses that they like online and have the product shipped to their home.  However, with a product that requires proper fitting, and customization, most customers are forced to go in store.  Once in store, why order online?

How will they solve it?

Brille24 has been working on services to bring the necessary services when purchasing glasses online.  Through a partnership with both the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, and Oldenburg University, Brille24 has found new innovate ways to take advantage of AI.

Here are a few ways they are making use of the technology.

–         Sales

  • Customers gain the ability to virtually try on glasses before purchasing them online.

–         Service

–         Marketing

  • Data driven analytics are powered by AI to develop the most effective marketing tactics

While Brille24 began utilizing AI in a variety of ways in early 2017, they are looking to continue their progress.

To fund their continued development, Brille24 will be hosting an STO on listing platform Neufund.  They will be distributing their very own digital token, with each representing a 1:1 share in the company.

With the Brille24 token taking shape as security token, holders are of course entitled to their proportionate share of company revenue in the form of a dividend.

The team?

Brille24 was founded by a duo of forward thinking individuals.  Since inception, the following pair, alongside their CEO, have watched their company grow to over 130 employees, and have sold more than 2 million glasses worldwide.

Matthias Huneke – Cofounder

Tim Gebken – Cofounder

Christophe Hocquet – CEO

Whats Next?

The company is still in the early stage of their fund raising process.  Although they have completed 4 rounds of fund raising in past years, these were done through traditional methods.  In the coming weeks/months, look for Brille24 to release more information regarding the structuring of their upcoming STO.

While founded in Germany, they has grown to have a presence in 117 countries to date.  As smart-technology using AI is developed with the funding from an STO, this number will rise even more.

Beyond that, expect the team at Brille24 to continue being innovators in their respective industry.  One day soon we may even see online sales making use of in-home 3D printing!


Brille24 is situated in Oldenburg, Germany, and can be reached at the information below.


Telephone – +49.441.340.422.721

Address –26122, Oldenburg, Germany

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