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Emflux – Unleashing the Power of Electric!

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Who is Emflux Motors?

Emflux Motors is a young company based out of India.  They were founded in 2016 with a goal of ushering in the next era of electric vehicles – better known simply as EV’s.

While their flagship product may be the Emflux One, they have big aspirations for future expansion.  One goal along their journey is to successfully have over 10 million vehicles on the roads of India within a decade.  This aligns with the goal of the Indian government wishing for every vehicle on the road to be EV in nature by 2030.

What is the Problem?

Fossil fuels are old news.  This isn’t surprising to anyone not living under a rock.  In recent years, we have seen rapid development of EV’s globally.

Fossil fuels are dirty, and inefficient compared to their EV counterparts.  Although they will always have their place in the world, combustion engines are rapidly falling out of favour due to the inherent perks that EVs offer.

EVs are not perfect, though.  Despite their obviously bright future, it is only after decades of promise that we are finally seeing vehicles that are practical enough to be used as daily drivers.  The public simply needs convincing.  We need for this generation of EVs to be on the road for years so that people can actually see their reliability over a vehicle’s lifespan.  Even more importantly, the perception of EVs being slow and boring needs to be changed to better reflect their potential.

How will Emflux solve it?

Emflux has recognized the future of the automotive industry, and is determined to be a part of the change.  They want to be one of the early pioneers that ushers in truly great EVs for the public.

Taking a cue from United States based Tesla, Emflux is adopting a sales model where they are developing an eye-catching high-end first vehicle.  This is known as the Emflux One.  This electrically driven motorcycle provides all the performance a motorcycle enthusiast could want, while also maintaining practicality for daily driving.  The plan is to build a following off of this distinctive EV, and eventually foray into more affordable, entry level options.

To develop and achieve the kind of performance desired in the Emflux One, a significant amount of IP needs to be developed.  To help build their company and products, Emflux intends to share this proprietary knowledge on EV’s with OEM vehicles.  This means that Emflux will become the provider to larger manufacturers of both technology and components.  By licensing this IP, Emflux will be able to generate ongoing revenue to fund expansion.

To get this company really rolling, the company needs to raise large amounts of capital.  With the project already developing quite well, the company is at the stage where traditionally they would be looking towards venture capitalism for raising the needed funds.  Being the forward thinking company that they are, however, Emflux has decided to host their very own ETO / STO.

Emflux will be utilizing listing platform, Neufund, to host and oversee the sale of their security token.  By raising capital this way, they gain access to a global pool of capital.  In addition, they are able to provide their investors with higher levels of liquidity, and all of the other perks that come alongside equity tokens.  This capital raised will provide the necessary funds to continue development of their IP and company structure.


Founders Ankit Khatry, Varun Mittal, Vinay Raj Somashekar

A trio of well-educated individuals have put together this impressive vision.  From robotics, to entrepreneurialism, the team leads are well suited to realizing the vision of Emflux.

Varun Mittal – Cofounder & CEO

Ankit Khatry – Cofounder & COO

Vinay Raj Somashekar – Cofounder & Chief Designer

Whats Next?

Look for continued development of the Emflux One motorcycle.  Interest in this flagship offering is what will initially drive investors towards their upcoming STO.

As stated, this STO will be held in the coming months on the Neufund platform.  Make sure to check back on both the Neufund and the Emflux websites for their eventual whitepaper.

If all goes well, look for the Emflux One to start popping up by 2019.

The Emflux One will change your mind about electric motorbikes

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