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7 Underrated Cryptocurrencies with Potential for Major Gains




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7 Underrated Cryptocurrencies with Potential for Major Gains

The cryptocurrency industry is full of super-successful projects that have seen their prices blow up during the bullish periods and reach some rather impressive heights. However, we feel like there are also a lot of coins that have incredible growth potential that they did not reach. At least, not yet.

These are the well-known coins and tokens that stand out for their ideas, their technology, or some other factor that makes people drawn to them. However, when it comes to their coins/tokens, they are surprisingly undervalued, which makes people pay less attention to them. We believe that the opposite approach is in order, as these are probably the projects that you should pay the most attention to. Just because their cryptos did not skyrocket yet, it doesn’t mean that they never will.

Once the price finally catches up to the project’s true value, those who have bought these coins when the price was low will undoubtedly see massive gains. With that said, here is our list of top 7 cryptos that we consider underrated today, in February 2022.

1. Cardano

The first on our list is Cardano (ADA). Cardano is the very definition of an underrated cryptocurrency, just because its development is progressing slowly and steadily, unlike its peers who tend to rush upgrades new products which then require additional work and fixing. Cardano was created with a long-term roadmap in mind that predicts five stages of development.

The project is currently in its third stage, or Era, with the second one completed in the first half of October 2021. With the end of that phase, called Shelley, Cardano’s blockchain finally started supporting smart contracts. This functionality, combined with Cardano’s excellent reputation, scalability, cheap gas fees, and more, both its ecosystem and its value exploded. The coin’s price growth was only temporary, however, as the bear market hit pretty soon after Cardano went for the moon.

However, with the steady growth of its ecosystem and continued development — as Cardano has 3 more Eras to go through — this coin is most certainly underrated.

To learn more about this token visit our Investing in Cardano guide.

2. Axie Infinity

In the second spot, we have Axie Infinity — currently the biggest blockchain-based game that uses the brand new crypto trend, the metaverse. Axie is a Pokemon-inspired game that allows users to navigate its vast digital world, purchase monsters, upgrade them, breed them, and engage in battles with other players, or simply sell their monsters at a higher price once they have been upgraded and turned into invincible fighting machines.

Apart from its metaverse, Axie Infinity also heavily relies on NFTs, where each monster is owned by purchasing its corresponding NFT. The same goes for the upgrades that users can buy with the project’s native coin, AXS. Speaking of AXS, you get it as a reward whenever you win a battle against another user, so Axie offers great potential to earn while playing the game.

For now, the metaverse is still in its early stages of both, development and popularity. However, it is clear that this new trend is attracting more and more attention, and since Axie is one of the leaders of the new trend, it is in a perfect position to explode over the course of this and the following years. We believe that it is an instant classic of blockchain gaming, which is why we currently still consider it extremely underrated.

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3. The Sandbox

Next, we have another metaverse project called The Sandbox. Like Axie, this project also uses its metaverse for gaming, although with an entirely different approach. The Sandbox wishes to allow players to express themselves in a more creative way, which is why it offers easy-to-use development tools that allow users to develop their own games.

Essentially, the project wishes to grant the users power to easily build a game that they imagined, and become players and devs at the same time. It also uses the play-to-earn (P2E) model, which means that the games made on its network can also be used for making a profit while enjoying your favorite hobby.

More than that, this approach aims to create a thriving community of gamers and developers and connect them more than any other project before it, by turning gamers into developers. Of course, you don’t have to resort to creating your own games — you can simply enjoy indie games that other members of the community have already created. At any rate, The Sandbox is a great opportunity for taking the gaming industry to the next level, making it more decentralized, more creative, and a lot more innovative than ever before.

To learn more about this token visit our Investing in The Sandbox guide.

4. Decentraland

Halfway down the list, we have Decentraland. Another metaverse project, Decentraland is a project that is probably the oldest metaverse in the industry. It has developed a virtual world that users can enter and purchase digital plots of land, which they can then continue to use in any way they see fit. Each digital plot of land comes in the form of NFTs, so once you purchase the token and ensure that it is safe inside your NFT wallet, the land will be yours for as long as you continue to own that token.

The plots of land have already been used by their owners in a variety of different ways. Some have used them to develop software, while others have built entire games. Business owners were able to use them to open up a metaverse representation of their companies, and some have even gone as far as to organize virtual events, meetups, and parties.

In other words, Decentraland truly lives up to the expectations of the community, and it delivered its promise of changing the way people interact with one another online. The only problem is that it is still too underrated, as it lacks adoption. But, with adoption on the rise, it won’t be long before the project receives the attention and value it deserves.

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5. Gala

In the fifth spot is Gala — a project that has a goal of taking the gaming industry in a bit more different direction. Essentially, the project wants to grant users full control of the games they own. Gala believes that blockchain-based games should be fun above everything else and that this is what will make people come to them and play them.

We believe that Gala is an extremely important project for the future of decentralized gaming, as it addresses a very important issue for blockchain-based games, which are still extremely young. Another issue that Gala aims to address is the way games are being distributed these days. The issue lies in the fact that, when users purchase a game, they believe that they own it. However, this is not entirely the case, if they have opted to buy its digital copy.

These digital copies can be taken from them at a push of a button. Gala believes that players have already paid for the games once, and with that, they have become their owners and that no one should have the right or even the option to take them away for whatever reason. So, to address this, it released NFTs tied to each copy of the game. By purchasing and holding these NFTs, players will own the games themselves, and no one will be able to take them away. This seems to be perfectly aligned with the spirit of decentralization that the entire world is pulling towards, which is why we expect Gala to have a great future in this sector.

To learn more about this token visit our Investing in Gala guide.

6. Ertha

Nearing the end of the list, we have Ertha. This is an interesting project that is a combination of multiple genres, and also a very unique game in every aspect. It is the first metaverse game that offers an exact replica of our planet, split into 350,000 individual plots of land called HEXes. Like in Decentraland, these plots of land come in the form of NFTs, and users can purchase them and access the game.

However, this game also requires users to start thinking strategically. They can take on one of many roles they wish within the region where their plot of land is, run a business, act like a warrior who is in charge of defending their country or invading others, or even run the country’s government. The project requires players to consider the economic aspect of their country or company, think about developing the infrastructure, and more.

Ertha is a perfect game for anyone interested in complex games that they can participate in with the rest of the community, which is why we believe that it will go quite big in the near future.

To learn more about this token visit our Investing in Ertha guide.

7. Chainlink

Finally, we have Chainlink. This is a project of immense importance for the cryptocurrency industry, and even more so for the blockchain. As some may already know, pretty much all blockchain products depend on smart contracts to function. Smart contracts are self-executable contracts that require no third parties, they cannot be manipulated or changed once created by both parties, and they can be considered the very foundation of decentralization.

However, they have one major flaw — they lack access to the information that exists outside of the blockchain itself. Chainlink’s goal is to change that through its oracle technology. Chainlink’s oracles draw the information from the outside world, using multiple sources. They then compare the information they gathered to ensure its reliability and feed it to the blockchain network, from where it goes to the smart contracts, notifying them of when the conditions of the contracts have been met.

As such, Chainlink is of crucial importance for the use of smart contracts, and a project that the crypto industry depends on for a successful future. The industry is well aware of that, but for some reason, LINK is still very undervalued and underrated, which is why we believe that it is only a matter of time before it blows up and reaches massive proportions that will match its importance in the industry.

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With that, we conclude our list of the top 7 underrated cryptocurrencies with potential for major gains. Note that these are not all cryptos that have that kind of potential, but they do represent our top selections. You are, of course, free to give others a chance, as well. Just make sure to do extensive research before you commit to any project, and know what you are getting involved with before putting your money on the line.

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