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7 Best Crypto Games to Watch in February 2022

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7 Best Crypto Games to Watch in February 2022

The crypto industry is brimming with interesting and exciting projects that are bringing new use cases and are pushing the adoption of digital coins. Of course, a massive part of the attention is still on regular trading and investing as the quickest way to win money. However, a huge portion of the crypto community is now focusing on the trends, including DeFi, NFTs, and the metaverse.

Metaverse is the freshest trend and the hottest topic in crypto right now, with all kinds of projects emerging in this sector these days. But, with the crypto industry still having the strongest ties to the gaming industry due to its willingness to open its doors to new technologies, experiences, and experiments, blockchain gaming is skyrocketing more than any other trend.

With that said, if you are interested in playing blockchain games, or using the play-to-earn model to profit off of them at the same time, there are 7 such games that we can recommend right now.

1. Axie Infinity

The first on our list is Axie Infinity. Axie is a young project, but also one that rapidly grew in popularity over the last few months. The project offers a vast digital world that players can join and explore while traveling, and engage with battles with other users while using Pokemon-loke monsters. In fact, the game was inspired by the Pokemon games. Just like in Pokemon, your goal is to obtain monsters, only in this one, you have to purchase them by buying NFTs.

With three or more monsters in your possession, you will be ready to enter the metaverse and use them to make a profit. This can be done in several ways, thanks to the project’s play-to-earn model. The first one is to battle other users and win against their monsters with yours, in which case you will win some of the project’s native tokens.

Another possibility is to breed monsters and come up with new ones, which you can then sell to another player. Finally, you can also purchase a base monster, and strengthen it with some of over 500 body parts belonging to different types of beasts, and once you make the ultimate monster, you can sell it at a higher price. The game is certainly quite fun and interesting, it offers an opportunity to earn while engaging in your favorite pastime, and it represents a great way to enter into the metaverse, NFTs, or even crypto itself.

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2. Illuvium

Next up, we have Illuvium. This is an open-world fantasy battle game that calls itself Ethereum’s first AAA title. The game is definitely quite interesting, and it can act as a great opportunity to connect gaming, NFTs, and DeFi sector, as well as players who enjoy any of these, or even all three.

The game allows you to enter the world of Illuvium, a world inhabited by creatures known as Illuvials. Similarly to Pokemon games, you can capture these creatures by defeating them in battle. After that, they are yours to nurse back to health, train, and add them to your arsenal and use them to win future battles.

Illuvium has elements of both, PVP games as well as open-world exploration games. It allows you to wander its digital world in search of monsters, and you can fight them after encountering them. Naturally, you can also engage in battles against other players or simply participate in daily challenges, large and small quests, communal storylines, and more.

Illuvium’s monsters come in different classes, such as Fighter, Rogue, Empath, Guardian, and Psion. They also have specific affinities, including Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and Nature. By looking into these attributes, you will always know which is the best monster to use against a creature you are facing, but also note that they also have their individual attack strength, savagery, speed, and other things that can severely impact the end result of your battles.

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3. MyNeighborAlice

In the third spot, we have a game called MyNeighborAlice. This is a very calming and relaxing game that was actually inspired by a popular game called Animal Crossing. Just like in Animal Crossing, you can also purchase an island in this game and organize your space in any way you see fit.

These islands are digital plots of land that users can purchase by buying corresponding NFTs, and as long as you own the NFT, you will also own the land. As a metaverse project, this is a multiplayer game that mostly focuses on farming and building all kinds of exciting items, tools, and alike. The resources for building things come from your very own island. And, since it is not a competitive game, it is a great way to meet new people and make friends

Now, one thing left to mention is that you can, in fact, earn from this game by collecting and selling NFTs. The game also has a native token called ALICE, named after the game’s entity of the same name that allows you to do your buying and selling.

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4. UFO Gaming

Halfway down the list, we have UFO Gaming. This is an interesting game that is likely going to attract many Sci-Fi fans from all around the world, not only to the game itself, but also to digital currencies. UFO Gaming is a fully decentralized, inter-galactic gaming token, and like the others on this list, the project implements the play-to-earn model in order to provide rewards for loyal players.

Also like other entries on this list so far, the game is using non-fungible tokens, and by purchasing them, you once again become the owner of digital land. UFO Gaming also features a native cryptocurrency called the UFO token. This token is used for performing most things in the game.

What makes UFO Gaming different from the others is that it plans to collaborate with traditional gaming companies and integrate them onto the blockchain. This would allow them to develop new blockchain-gaming features. According to the project right now, each game on UFO gaming will have its own planet which the players will have to govern. Apart from that, there will also be virtual land auctions for users to purchase their own spot on the planet.

Lastly, the game allows users to earn revenue by performing specific tasks. The project is massive and very interesting, which is why we believe it deserves a place on this list, and that it is definitely worth your attention.

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5. Ertha

Moving on, we have Ertha. Now, Ertha is one of the most interesting games in the current metaverse sector. It is a game that features the exact replica of the Earth, split into 350,000 unique plots of land called HEXes. Each HEX comes in the form of an NFT that players can buy and own, and for as long as they have it, they will be the owners of the plot of land that it represents.

Depending on where the land is located, its price might be higher or lower, but at the end of the day, owning digital land is all that matters. The game itself is a mix of several genres, including MMORPGs, as well as old-school games, and strategy games. Once you join its world, the game will let you choose a role you wish to play, which may include being a businessman and running an entire company or even being a state official and running the government.

However, there are other roles as well, such as being a warrior that invades other territories and defends their own, or a scholar who can contribute to society through research and science, among others. This game has something for everyone, and it even lets you rent your digital land to others who wish to play, in which case they would pay rent to you, and grant you another way to profit off of Ertha.

The game is very complex, and players are expected to balance running the economy, military, and many other aspects of modern society, which really requires them to think strategically and try to outwit their rivals.

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6. Alien Worlds

In the sixth spot, we have Alien Worlds, which is a decentralized, NFT-based metaverse that makes its players compete for resources, especially when it comes to Trillium (TLM). By gathering resources, they can participate in a simulated economy that is centered around multiple planetary worlds. As a result, this game combines metaverse, NFT, and DeFi, and at the same time, it introduces a competitive element.

You, as a player, are tasked with exploring the game’s universe and earning rewards by playing. You can also participate in the Planet DAOs. Essentially, each planet has its own community that you can join and even rise to the top and become its leader. Once you become a member, you can submit proposals, vote on the existing ones, and alike, and help run the community and decide on the DAO’s future.

All in all, it is a very interesting project that offers a very unique experience and hours upon hours of fun gameplay and collaboration with other community members.

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7. The Sandbox

Finally, we have the Sandbox as our final pick. This is another metaverse project, although unlike the others on this list, it doesn’t offer a single massive game that users can play. Instead, it is an online metaverse game that allows users to develop their own games, independently. They can play other people’s games, or create their own, express their ideas, and eventually profit by selling their gaming experiences.

The project will provide users with game-building tools, and other than that, the only limit is the players’ imagination. And, thanks to the fact that it also uses the play-to-earn model, there is certainly an incentive for developing and playing alike.

To learn more about this token visit our Investing in The Sandbox guide.


With crypto/blockchain gaming on the rise, more and more metaverse gaming projects are emerging and allowing players the ability to earn and have an exciting, unique experience at the same time. There are definitely some very interesting projects out there, and more are likely about to arrive in the near future. For the moment, however, we can recommend these ones as some of the best that the metaverse sector has to offer at this time.

Ali is a freelance writer covering the cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain industry. He has 8 years of experience writing about cryptocurrencies, technology, and trading. His work can be found in various high-profile investment sites including CCN,, Bitcoinist, and NewsBTC.