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5 Top Cryptocurrencies That Could Soar 500% (or More) by 2025




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Top 5 New Cryptocurrencies that will Make Gains in November 2021

Trading cryptocurrencies is a fairly rewarding activity that holds a lot of potentials to let you score small amounts of money very quickly. Whether you engage in trading that has your position opened for a few days, one day, or maybe even just a few hours or minutes, you can earn a fair bit of money once you get good at it, and learn how to read market signals.

However, trading is definitely not an activity that everyone enjoys, and if you would rather buy some coins and forget about them for years, then investing in coins with potential is a far better option for you.

The crypto market is alive, and coins are constantly rising and falling, new ones are emerging, while old ones are slipping away, or if they are particularly lucky, popular, or useful, they might remain for years to come. Imagine investing in Bitcoin back in 2010, or in Ethereum back in 2015. Even if you only invested $100 back then, you would most likely be a millionaire today.

So, the most important part about investing is recognizing which coins have the potential to go big in the long term, which is not easy to do. There might be the next Bitcoin being built out there somewhere right now, but it is too unknown and buried by all 17,145 other cryptocurrencies that are fighting for your attention right now. Such a coin might never survive, or it might thrive in days, weeks, months, and years to come. The sad truth is that we simply can’t know that.

What we can do, however, is identify coins that already on the market, and find the ones with the greatest potential to be the winners of the future, which is exactly what we did. We then narrowed down the list and came up with these 5 coins for you to choose from.

1) Cardano

Cardano (ADA) is a coin that doesn’t need any special introduction. It has been around for years, and it managed to remain fairly high on the list of largest cryptos. However, while there was nothing much happening in the front, developers have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, developing Cardano’s network, technology, features, and more. Then, in October 2021, they completed the second phase (or Era) in Cardano’s development, and in doing so, they finally brought smart contracts to its platform.

Now, Cardano offers all the possibilities that you have on Ethereum, with infinitely more speed and scalability, while its transaction costs remain as low as they can be. However, that’s just a side note when it comes to Cardano. The fact is that the project has 3 more Eras to go through, and each will make it more powerful, unlock new abilities and possibilities, and quite possibly make this project the best development platform out there.

All in all, ADA is now extremely undervalued, considering what its devs have in store for the coin, so if any crypto is going to soar by 500% or more, it is going to be this one.

To learn more about this token visit our Investing in Cardano guide.

2) Solana

Not unlike Cardano, Solana (SOL) has quickly blown up and it became one of the go-to development platforms after the crypto world decided that Ethereum fees are no longer tolerable. More than that, however, this open-source blockchain project is particularly focusing on decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions.

Solana is designed to facilitate dApp creation as well and to achieve that, it improves scalability through its proof-of-history consensus, combined with the underlying proof-of-stake consensus, which Ethereum is still working on achieving. This hybrid consensus model that Solana is using has proven to be very efficient for everyone, from small-time traders to institutional giants who have millions to invest.

Its transaction processing times are among the shortest that the entire blockchain industry has to offer, and the same is true for smart contracts, as well, which makes Solana and its token SOL perfect for dApps and DeFi. As more people continue to leave Ethereum for Solana, and more newcomers go to Solana directly, the project’s ecosystem will become bigger, busier, richer with possibilities, and over the next three years, it could easily mean a massive growth of its coin’s value.

To learn more about this token visit our Investing in Solana guide.

3) Decentraland

One thing to consider when choosing a coin to invest in is what trends are currently popular, but also which ones might remain popular, or become popular in the future. Of course, predicting trends is not easy. Some, like DeFi and NFTs, had to wait for years before the industry became mature enough for them. The same goes for the metaverse which is the leading trend right now. And yet, Decentraland (MANA), the oldest and largest metaverse today, launched no less than 5 years ago.

Over the years, Decentraland kept building up its digital world, creating digital plots of land that its community can buy and use in any way they see fit. Today, you can buy one and use it for developing dApps or various projects, creating games, and even organizing virtual events and meetups. In fact, the Australian Open announced earlier this month that it will use it for organizing digital events throughout the popular tennis tournament.

Decentraland was patient and it kept working in the background, but given the fact that it is likely to blow up in a few months, once the metaverse sector truly gets established, there is no way to predict how high its price could go.

To learn more about this token visit our Investing in Decentraland guide.

4) Axie Infinity

Speaking of metaverse projects, another one that has already caught the eye of the crypto world is Axie Infinity (AXS). This is actually a blockchain-based game that utilizes the metaverse to create an entire world through which players can openly move and battle each other. However, this is no FPS — it is a Pokemon-like game, where battles are done by monsters that come in the form of NFTs.

All that players need to do is get their hands on some NFTs tied to the in-game monsters, and start their journey. They can train their monsters, battle other players, and even breed them to create new ones. On top of that, it is also possible to upgrade them with over 500 body parts belonging to all kinds of beasts, thus giving your monster special abilities and powers that could come in handy in a fight.

And, if you ever decide to switch things up, you can always sell your NFTs to another player, which will also result in them getting your monster. Meanwhile, you can withdraw the money and convert it into cash, or simply use it to buy a different monster. However, that’s not the best part. The best part is that winning battles also lets you earn money in the form of AXS tokens, so you get to earn while playing. This play-to-earn model has grown to be extremely popular among blockchain-based games, and it will likely be the reason why AXS will blow up once more people start getting into blockchain-based games.

To learn more about this token visit our Investing in Axie Infinity guide.

5) Algorand

Lastly, we have Algorand (ALGO), which is a self-sustaining, decentralized, blockchain-based network that supports a wide range of applications. It features secure, scalable, efficient systems, which is of crucial importance for effective applications in the real world.

Algorand also offers clear-cut competitive advantages in terms of scalability and speed. Its network managed to handle 1,162 TPS as of December 2021, and it managed to solve blocks in 4.36 seconds. With its speed, scalability, and security being on point, this project has great potential to play a crucial role in onboarding businesses, and maybe even governments.

Algorand’s security would be of crucial importance here, and we are happy to report that it offers a next-gen step-up in network security. Its coin holders are also randomly and secretly selected to vote on various proposals, and they also get to propose blocks. This randomization, alongside the vast interest in the project’s performance and future, are making it highly unlikely that someone would ever be able to disrupt its network.

To learn more about this token visit our Investing in Algorand (ALGO) guide.


With that, we would conclude our list. All of the mentioned projects have vast potential, and could very well be the ones that will drive the development of the crypto industry, taking it to the next level. They are far from being the only ones with such potential, but they certainly have it and are supported by no small amount of experts. We encourage you to check out these and other projects you might be interested in on your own and decide whether they are worthy of your three-year investment, but whatever you decide to do in the end, make sure that your choice is educated and backed up by real reasons, and not just a guess.

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