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What’s New with Flow (FLOW)?



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Flow remains a pioneering force in the NFT collectible arena. This purpose-built blockchain hosts one of the most popular marketplaces in the NFT sector – NBA Top Shot. The platform has proven to be resilient, secure, and scalable. The team behind Flow didn’t stop there, having made some major upgrades and announcements this year that are worthy of mention. Here is some valuable insight into Flow's progress.

Major Network Upgrade

Flow developers have recently announced one of the largest upgrades to the network since its launch. The upgrade will enhance the network consensus mechanism to improve BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance). The upgrade focuses on the multi-stage architecture of the network.

As part of the strategy, developers will receive new tools and streamlined processes for the creation of Dapps. They can now build light clients which improves usability. Light clients provide developers the opportunity to create Dapps that use only a tiny bit of computation on a device.

Source - Homepage Flow

Source – Homepage Flow

The upgrade involves creating new features for non-consensus nodes. In Flow, there are different types of network nodes to handle different tasks. Consensus nodes handle validating the network. Some nodes also handle tasks such as executing smart contracts, accessing data on the blockchain, collecting information, and verifying other aspects of the network.


These nodes are called observers and they are crucial to Flow's success. Non-validation nodes can now follow and keep track of the network in real-time. To accomplish this task, the network provides the observed nodes access to the latest block approved by validation nodes.

The network introduces a new system called the ‘Consensus Follower' to make the platform function smoother. The protocol enhances data usage and makes the network more fortified against online threats such as hackers.

This system significantly improves finality through the use of a Quorum Certificate (QC). These are tags located in the header of each transaction which make it easy to see the state of the blockchain at that time. Additionally, they add another layer of validation of the current consensus system.

Flow Incubation kicks into Overdrive

Flow announced the launch of an incubation program for developers in 2023. The program is geared towards driving Dapp creation and developing adoption in the ecosystem. Notably, all of the selected projects were chosen from the Flow hackathon event.

The incubation program provides Flow developers with access to a plethora of helpful tools, advice, and financial access. Programmers can gain access to direct mentorship in the program. They can also gain access to VCs and other funding via grants from the Flow Foundation.

Flow incubation provides full technical, legal, and marketing support to the selected projects. According to company documents, other advantages are access to smart contract auditing by Emerald City Shield, marketing support from Flowverse, talent recruitment, and infrastructure. Notable projects that made the cut included:

Flow’s Got Talent

Flows Got Talent takes the NFT collecting experience to the next level. This fun dapp enables players to take any NFT and compete against other Flow users in a variety of games. The winner receives Flow and improves the rarity and accomplishments of their NFTs in the process.

Heroes of the Flow

Those seeking a mobile-based Flow gaming experience will find that the Heroes of Flow has a lot to offer. This epic title has users wandering through a fantasy universe in order to battle. Users can leverage their Flow NFTs as characters and build up their value through victories.


Interflow is a next-gen 3d avatar generator. The system streamlines the creation of these unique digital assets as NFTs that can then be used or traded within the Flow ecosystem. The Interflow system focuses on the growing number of users seeking to enter the Play-to-earn sector.


Certifi leverages flow monitoring and tracking systems to improve document verification. The protocol makes it easy to tokenize and track these items in real time over large databases and distances. The system leverages the Flow no-wallet onboarding process which makes it easy for any firm to join.


Developers gain a lot when they use DapZap. This advanced interface streamlines the creation of blockchain assets. The system eliminates the need for coding which opens the door for mass adoption. Additionally, it's flexible enough to support custom UI widgets and more.


This unique hybrid custody protocol enables users to enjoy the benefits of a mobile wallet and a familiar UX. The wallet was built to support the growing NFT market and features advanced features tailored to NFT collector's needs such as in-depth data on each collectible and more.


The Piece is a smart concept that has Flow users excited. The Piece protocol creates NFTs out of digital snippets. These moments like tweets or status updates can then be traded with others. The marketplace is unique in that it supports fiat payments as well.


The STRANDS protocol takes the concept of NFT collecting and adds another layer of scarcity. The protocol allows Flow NFT holders to take multiple NFTs and bind them together to create a DNA-like structure. The goal of the project is to make it impossible for people to recreate your NFTs which adds to their scarcity.

The Game Service Kit

The Game Service kit is geared towards streamlining P2E games on the Flow network. The developments introduce a host of tools and a helpful interface that enables anyone to quickly trial games. Quick trials provide valuable data to developers which can help improve gameplay and the UX.

Flow into the Future

Flow has been a strong contender ever since it entered the market with NBA Top Shot. Today, the network remains a pioneering force in the NFT market and continues to expand its options to entice new users. You can expect to see Flow garner more attention and users as the results of its efforts pay off.

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