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Tron’s Founder Justin Sun Criticizes Ukrainian Crypto Airdrop

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The government of Ukraine has been committed to attracting cryptocurrency donations in the country. So far, it is estimated that over $36 million worth of cryptocurrencies have been donated to the Ukrainian government and charity organizations that are helping people affected by the conflict.

The Ukrainian government is now looking towards a cryptocurrency airdrop. The government has confirmed that such an airdrop will be coming soon, benefiting the country and the crypto community at large.

Justin Sun criticizes Ukraine's airdrop

The airdrop idea came from Twitter responses to the cryptocurrency donations that the country has been receiving. Last week, the country had said that it had not confirmed anything to do with an airdrop, but now, it has stated that a snapshot for this initiative will be taken on March 3 2022.

While the move is major and signals the growth of the cryptocurrency sector in Ukraine despite the crisis, some people have expressed their dissatisfaction. Justin Sun, the founder of the TRON blockchain, has questioned why they were not involved in the airdrop despite making a sizable donation towards the Ukrainian government.

In a tweet, Sun said,

Answering to the humanitarian appeal from {Mykhailo Fedorov], TRON community has donated over $1.2M in USDT (TRC20), but now the airdrop just ignores them completely. It is just UNFAIR. We need to fix it.

Justin Sun served as the head of the Tron Foundation, but he stepped down from this role towards the end of last year. He is currently the ambassador of the government of Grenada to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Airdrops are a popular concept in the cryptocurrency community. Airdrops are used to reward the community. The rewards are usually given out in the form of extra tokens unilaterally sent to people who have met certain criteria.

One of the most common requirements across almost all airdrops is holding a specific number of cryptocurrencies in their wallet accounts. The balance should be available when a snapshot is taken. A snapshot is like a record of blockchain activity at a certain point in time.

In the case of Ukraine, there are very limited details regarding this airdrop. The government is yet to specify the assets that will be airdropped to people's wallets. However, these tokens will be issued to the people that have donated cryptocurrencies to the Ukrainian government.

Sun's tweet has been met with criticism from the cryptocurrency community. One Twitter user responded to Sun's remarks saying, “We call every crypto company to ban #TRC20 and switch to other blockchain for stablecoin transactions. [Justin Sun] is a scam who wants to make money on blood.”

Another user even stated that Sun was trying to “shill” the TRON token, with another saying that TRON HODLers were unlucky in their holdings.

Crypto donations to Ukraine

Cryptocurrency donations have been flowing to Ukraine over the past week. The country has publicly verified Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and Polkadot wallet addresses. The latter received a donation of $5.8 million from the founder of Polkadot, Gavin Woods.

The donations have been directed towards the Ukrainian military or charity organizations. Recently, Binance announced the release of a $10 million fund to Binance Charity that will be used in the humanitarian efforts for those affected by the conflict.

During the early days of the conflict, the CEOP of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, announced that every Ukrainian user on the exchange would receive a $25 donation to their accounts. LocalBitcoins, one of the popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms, also announced that Ukrainian users would no longer pay transaction fees to use the platform.

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