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Top 12 NFT Projects to Keep an Eye on in July 2022

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Top 8 Upcoming NFTs to Buy Before they Blow Up

Ever since it exploded in early 2021, the NFT market has been growing larger and larger by the day, with hundreds upon hundreds of projects and collections now being on offer. Some are just collections of digital art, others have a more practical use such as providing ownership of digital land and other assets in metaverses.

Regardless of what their purpose is, non-fungible tokens are a massive, and still a rapidly-growing trend that is only growing deeper and more profitable. With that said, we were interested in what new, interesting projects will be coming out this July, and we found quite a few. Check them out, and see if any of them catches your attention.

1. Decentraland

The first on the list is Decentraland — which is not actually a new and upcoming NFT project, but one of the oldest NFT/metaverse projects in the crypto industry. It offers users to buy digital plots of land within its metaverse, where each plot of land is an NFT. By owning the NFT, players become owners of the land as well and can do anything they want with it.

That includes running a business, developing software, building their own games, and even organizing virtual events and meetups in a rather futuristic-looking way. Decentraland is a leading metaverse project, and one of the most popular early NFT projects, and we believe that it has a bright future ahead of it.

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2. Axie Infinity

In the second spot, we have Axie Infinity. This is one of the biggest metaverse games out there, featuring a vast world that players can enter and explore. It allows players to purchase digital creatures called Axies, and then use them in the battle against others. Each Axie comes in the form of an NFT, making it unique, and making the player its sole owner.

Players can then breed Axies to create new ones, or strengthen them by adding to them some of 500 different body parts, granting them unique advantages. And, once they engage in battle with another player and they defeat the player and their Axies, they get rewards in the project’s native AXS token.

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3. Hell Warriors Club

In the third spot, we have another Solana-based NFT collection called Hell Warriors Club. The project noted that it is a degen project that will be HellDAO after the mint. The collection features 1,866 unique art pieces or Hell Warriors, and it is being launched on Solana’s blockchain.

Each of the NFTs will cost you 0.129 SOL during the presale, which will take place on July 1st. Then, the public sale will take place on the same day, with the NFT prices jumping to 0.159 SOL. The pre-sale will start at 15:00 UTC, while the public sale will begin only one hour later, at 16:00 UTC.

4. Meta Triads

Next up, we have a limited collection of unique NFTs that bring utilities through project shareholding. Essentially, the project is working on creating an aggregator marketplace, where fashion and apparel brands will be able to create real-life collections for augmented reality and metaverse. The project plans to be launched in Decentraland and Sandbox alike, to increase tradability and value, and offer users a one-stop-shop experience.

5. Werewolf Legends

Next up, we have another interesting collection with very detailed and impressive art, called Werewolf Legends. This one is also based on Ethereum’s blockchain, and it has a total of 8,888 unique, manually drawn NFTs. Apart from their unique appearance, the collection’s Werewolves are quite great animals, fascinated by the fashion industry.

For the time being, not much is known about the NFTs’ utilities. But, the artist has introduced himself and shared the story of his professional background, which really helps with the project’s transparency, in general. Both the pre-sale and public sale will take place on July 1st, with the pre-sale starting at 16:00 UTC, and the public sale only one hour later. The price of NFTs during both the pre-sale and the public sale will remain the same — 0.1 ETH per NFT.


Halfway down the list, we have a project that will undoubtedly be interesting to Pokemon fans. Known as PKDX PRJCT, this is a collection that features 3,333 unique, handmade NFTs with a minting date in WL on 22nd of June, 2022. The project is based on Polygon’s network, and it will hold a public sale on July 1st this year, starting at 19:50 UTC. The price per NFT will be 0.012 MATIC tokens.

So, if you are an investor, and a fan of anime and/or tattoos, this will be a great project to participate in, or at least keep an eye on its performance.

7. Immutable X

Next, we have Immutable X — another project that has been around for a while now, and it is quite unique thanks to the fact that it was one of the first layer-two solutions that use zk-rollups and focuses on NFTs, exclusively. The reason why this project is so important is the fact that zk-rollups are becoming one of the most dominant scaling solutions, and the project finds itself at the cutting edge of development within Ethereum’s ecosystem.

This means that Immutable X has a great chance to become the default NFT blockchain moving forward. It promised the ability to hig 9,000 TPS, and if it can achieve this, there will be nothing in its way, preventing it from becoming a go-to project for NFTs.

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8. GALLYX Genesis

Then, there is GALLYX Genesis. This is an Ethereum network-based project that plans to hold a pre-sale on July 2nd, starting at 12:00 UTC. The public sale will take place on the same day, only four hours later at 16:00 UTC. During the pre-sale, the price per NFT will be 0.1 ETH, and during the public sale, it will rise to 0.15 ETH.

GALLYX Genesis is a set that consists of 444 Avatars, which hold some of the highest-earning potentials in the ecosystem. Thanks to the FlavaTools utility partnership, they have access to the Opensea trading extension, and the project has planned alpha calls for high trading utility.

9. Grumpy Bears

Moving on to our ninth entry, we have Grumpy Bears. This is a project launching on Solana, with a total of 8,888 unique NFTs. The compilation is hand-painted by Malaysian freelance artist, Edward Chee. This is a community-based project that focuses on maintaining a strong community while continuously building a Grumpy Bear brand.

The project’s pre-sale will take place on July 3rd, starting at 12:00 UTC, where each NFT will hold a price of 1.9 SOL. The public sale will take place simultaneously, with the price of 2.2 SOL per NFT.

10. ExLabs Explorers Pass

Moving on to number 10, we have ExLabs Explorers Pass. An Ethereum-based project that promises an engaging experience in imagining the future space economy. Those who purchase these NFTs will not only have insider access into the inner workings of an aerospace company via the weekly podcasts and Q&A sessions, but also the community will work together on recruiting, crafting, and developing elements for building a sustainable colony on Mars.

The project’s pre-sale will launch tomorrow, June 28th, at 20:25 UTC. The public sale, however, will not start until July 5th, at the same time, and with an NFT price of 0.129 ETH. There will be 5,000 NFTs in total.

11. IO

Nearing the end of the list, we have IO — a limited collection featuring 3,000 unique hand-drawn collectibles. The project IO is based on Solana, and it is about to go public on July 1st, 2022. As mentioned, there are 3,000 pieces in total, with 1,000 NFTs reserved for the community OGs, while the remaining ones will be available for the MINT.

The project will be offering each NFT for 2 SOL, and we believe that it is worth getting them, as this will be the first NFT collection in the world that will provide free decentralized cloud services to the NFT holders. The art is quite interesting and beautiful, and we definitely recommend checking it out.

12. Cyberpunks

Finally, we have Cyberpunks — also a Solana-based NFT project that will offer 4,999 unique NFTs. The Cyberpunks’ world is blockchain-powered, and cyberpunk-themed, and it will work as a social and gaming metaverse. To join it, you will need Cyberpunks NFTs.

The tokens will be sold in a public sale on July 7th, starting at 20:43 UTC. During the pre-sale, their price will be 0.9 SOL, and during the public sale, the price will go to 1.2 SOL.


As you can see, saying that the NFT sector is thriving is by no means an over-exaggeration. New NFTs are coming out pretty much on a daily basis, and there is always some interesting collection waiting for collectors and investors. On the list above, we mentioned some of the best upcoming projects, and now it is up to you to check them out and keep an eye on any of them that you might find interesting.

Ali is a freelance writer covering the cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain industry. He has 8 years of experience writing about cryptocurrencies, technology, and trading. His work can be found in various high-profile investment sites including CCN,, Bitcoinist, and NewsBTC.