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Star Atlas Hints at “Something Big” Coming this Summer

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In a recent tweet, a popular metaverse gaming project called Star Atlas seemingly hinted at some big development that is expected to take place this summer. The project tweeted about a separate report that attempted to predict possible Star Atlas plans for the summer of 2022, noting that the report correctly predicts a huge development for the project.

So far, Star Atlas did not reveal what this might be, but its community did not fail to notice the hint, which led to a significant spike in the community’s excitement.

The Atlas Star issue #8

In its Medium, Star Atlas also reflected on recent developments in the 8th issue of its report called The Atlas Star. In it, the project looked back on important developments that took place within the project, including new additions and changes in its metaverse and game, but also on some important developments for the company itself.

Among the most notable ones is Star Atlas’ partnerships with other companies, such as MoonPay. The two teamed up in order to help push crypto gaming adoption, as MoonPay is the leading global crypto payments infrastructure provider, trusted by a lot of people from all over the world. By supporting Star Atlas, MoonPay will grant people an easy way to deposit money to the platform and start playing the game.

With blockchain-based games played in the metaverse advancing as quickly as they are — and offering the ability to earn thanks to the P2E model — all it takes for adoption to take off is for people to give them a chance and try them out.

Star Atlas also partnered with IBUYPOWER for the exact same reason. As a game featuring triple-A quality, onboarding people should not be a problem, provided that they have easy access to it, and these partnerships are definitely a big step in that direction.

Star Atlas to introduce new security layers

Another big development for the company is its exclusive partnership with Kulderski Security, which is meant to explore and develop new security standards for the company. This is something that is quite necessary these days, as the crypto industry experienced quite a few security issues over the past months.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in crypto were stolen by hackers through exploits that targeted bridges, but also any other project or aspects of projects. A lot of projects also found themselves in difficult positions due to the bear markets. Some that feature stablecoins have seen said stablecoins lose their pegs due to the lack of liquidity. So, in a situation like that, the last thing that any project needs right now is to remain exposed and vulnerable to hacking attacks.

This is why Star Atlas’ move to boost security and introduce new layers of security was welcomed by the community, as it would not take much in these difficult times for any project to lose funds due to exploits, and with the money, the trust of the community as well.

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