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Security Tokens to Headline the Crypto World Summit

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Security Tokens to Headline the Crypto World Summit

In another sign of the times changing for the better, this year's Crypto World Summit will focus heavily on the security token market. This year also marks the 4th consecutive year for the forum which focuses on the most important blockchain-related issues globally. The news marks a shift by the Crypto World Summit from traditional blockchain projects, over to heavily regulated digital assets.

According to a recent press release this year's event will commence at the world-famous Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel. The event's official start date is February 20th, 2020. Event coordinators confirmed that the majority of speaking sessions will focus on a number of movements related to security tokens and STOs.

As such, speakers will discuss the major roadblocks to adoption in detail. These primary concerns usually fall into three main categories. Firstly is a lack of understanding of the existing SEC laws, rules, and regulations regarding tokenized assets. From here, discussions will include a synopsis of the lack of regulatory framework specifically tailored to these new financial tools. Finally, speakers will discuss how to address these primary issues in a logical manner.

Crypto World Summit Sessions

The Crypto World Summit will feature some amazing insight into the current state and future of the security token sector. One of the most exciting sessions listed on the event is a forum called -The Revolution of Tokenization. This discussion will touch on the overall benefits achieved through tokenization, and how they can improve the overall health and security of markets.

Crypto World Summit via Twitter

Crypto World Summit via Twitter

Additionally, there is another session labeled the Securitization of Illiquid Assets. This discussion will touch on how tokenization creates new forms of liquidity in the market. Importantly, the discussion will explain how these new markets will affect the overall global economy and investors in general.

Security Token Offerings

From there, conference attendees can gain some valuable insight into STOs. STOs are seen as the natural evolution of the ICO sector. These fully-compliant token offerings are now more popular than ever. Developers hope to shed some light as to why these crowdfunding campaigns surpass traditional IPOs and ICOs.

Blockchain and Real Estate

No security token seminar would be complete without an in-depth discussion on the effects of tokenized real estate in the market. Tokenized real estate is one of the fastest-growing security token sectors internationally. Tokenizing properties provide some huge advantages over traditional real estate sales such as lowering the entry threshold. Additionally, this strategy allows for global investor participation and crowdfunding of single properties.

The Digital Banking Industry

Another session labeled, The Digital Banking Industry is sure to touch on the development of new-age banks focused on catering to digital asset holders. Already, a number of these organizations have sprung up across the globe. These unique banking institutions seek to provide digital asset holders with many of the benefits and features found in the traditional banking sector.

Tokenization Workshop

Perhaps the most interesting forum to be held at the Crypto World Summit is the tokenization workshop. Here, visitors will learn exactly what it takes to tokenize a real-world asset. The workshop promises to provide valuable insight into the technical aspects and legal ramifications surrounding the tokenization of particular assets such as debt-equity.

Join the Crypto World Summit

For those interested in participating in this monumental event, but are unable to visit New York, there are options. The entire conference is set to be live-streamed via Fintech World Media. In other words, there really is no excuse to miss out on this exciting event.

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